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Heartwarming / A Shadow of the Titans

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  • The Odd Friendship between Jade and Jinx. In one chapter, Jinx agrees to leave out a humiliating incident out of the mission report because Jade asked.
  • When Raven is taken by the Master of Games, BB, thinking that he had caused her to disappear (It Makes Sense in Context), is so worried that he was repeatedly chanting a bogus spell until his throat was sore trying to bring her back.
  • Jade preventing Machete from hurting Raven as thanks for staying to free the villainesses from the Master.
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  • Uncle Chow keeping Jade's missing chi safe in his own shadow, even defending it from Raven when he thinks she's going to hurt it. Jade even says after she's reunited that she owes him some favors.
  • Jinx getting the go-ahead to rescue Jade from the Titans.
  • Cyborg calling out Beast Boy and Starfire for wanting to keep Jade the way she was, even threatening to quit the team over it, and ultimately standing aside to let the HIVE retrieve her.
  • Jinx giving Jade a new pair of magical scissors as a weapon. She also reveals that she retrieved the Rooster talisman for her, and promises to help get the other two back.


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