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A Korean Series running in February / March 2011, this 18-episode medical drama centers around the National Forensics Service, a fictional national Medical Examiner bureau used to perform autopsies and work with local law enforcement solving crimes.

Dr Yoon Ji Hoon is a Medical Examiner at the main office of NFS in Seoul. A young Idol star mysteriously dies at a concert hall. Tampered or missing evidence, and pressure from high members of the government cause Dr Yoon to be reassigned to a backwater office of the department.


A year after his departure, Dr Go Da Kyung, an idealist forensic examiner, is assigned to his office and offers to assist in quietly reexaming the evidence from the singer's death. They initially clash due to their different styles of investigation as well as their opposing personalities – Da Kyung’s energetic nature is a source of irritation for the prickly Ji Hoon – but later develop a complex relationship as the two strive to uncover the truth through science.

This Korean Drama centers around the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, where one coverup has the potential to help hundreds of other cases. Is it worth it? You be the judge.


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