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See Dad Run is a sitcom reserved for the Nick @ Nite block that premiered on October 6, 2012. It tells the story of an actor named David Hobbs (Scott Baio) who has just finished his own sitcom acting as a dad, and then he is presented a new personal trial that he fears the most: acting as a real dad for his family while his wife, Amy Hobbs (Alanna Ubach), can get back to the spotlight as the soap-opera star she was.

It ended after a three season run.

This series provides examples of:
  • Callback: The 1,000 piece tool set from the Christmas episode shows up in a later episode when David tries to build a tree house.
  • Going Commando: The pilot episode features Joe in a Roman Emperor costume, and when he raises his hands, he's shown to be not wearing underpants. He tries to justify it by saying the actual Roman Emperors didn't wear underpants as well.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: All episodes are named "See Dad (do something)".
  • Laugh Track
  • Product Placement: In See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson, David is seen playing Wii Sports.
  • Show Within a Show: David's old sitcom, which was also named See Dad Run
  • Spiritual Successor: Arguably for Baio's best-known sitcom, Charles in Charge
  • Title Drop: Partly thrown into all the titles of the episode, the only difference being that the first two words are used along with the episode's main event.
    • Also invoked whenever David's old sitcom is in turn invoked, which itself was also named See Dad Run.