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Proposed upgrade for Windows Games. It puts pages in minimal Windows version possible. May be better, at least it work for a split.

Games that need Microsoft Windows to run. It's been popular since the early 1990s, and is now a requirement for playing almost all modern PC games (with macOS and Linux support slowly becoming more popular). Theoretically, a modern machine is compatible with all of the games listed; however, many need fixes due to changes that have been made over the past 25 or so years, with the very old 16-bit ones requiring an emulator on 64-bit systems due to support being axed.

This list is sorted by minimum OS version necessary (at least, the one listed on Minimal Requirements). Many of these will still be compatible with later versions, but some may not. Web Games should typically be listed on that page since they're often playable on all systems as just about all internet browsers on all systems should be compatible.


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    Windows 3. 1 

    Windows 95 

    Windows 98 

    Windows 2000 

    Windows XP 

    Windows Vista 

    Windows 7 

    Windows 8/8. 1 

    Windows 10 



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