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Roleplay / We Are In A Moe Anime

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A forum game that is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. And yet that is so totally wrong. The basic premise is a moe anime with all the moe archetypes were represented with each post. However, it has since turned into its own thing with character of all kinds that could run conceivably every anime trope and type in a Slice of Life setting, mixed in with gratuitous amounts of Les Yay, No Fourth Wall, and general hilarity.


There is quite a bit of confusion over exactly what the anime is called, with several characters all vying for the show to be named after them.

Tropes that Apply:

  • Fan Sub: not only is there the de rigeur fan sub for the anime, the subber is an actual character who interacts with all the others. And then he gets pulled into the show and is subjected to Ambiguous Gender...
  • No Fourth Wall: it starts out normally enough, until the Fan Subber is introduced as an actual character within the first few posts. Things slide downhill from there, as expected in a comedic forum RP.
  • Off-Model: this happens a few times, parodying the tendency for many anime shows to suffer this fate when their budgets run low.
  • The Merch: invoked as a motivation for the "show", not to mention the huge amounts of fanservice early on.
  • Running Gag: Fansub-tan's honorific changes every time it's mentioned.


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