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“The Best Naruto RP On The net!”

Engi no Jutsu is a long-running PbP board set in a hypothetical future one hundred years after the "Valley of The End" arc of the Naruto manga, having long since divorced itself from the Naruto canon by the changing tastes of an aging userbase and an understanding of the Naruto-verse very different from what Kishimoto eventually revealed.

The forum operates on a curious diceless homebrew of its own devising meant to help measure progress and offer some buffer against metagaming and mary sues. Progress is made through doing threads analyzed by mods and long-time members for growth and writing quality.


In the Engiverse shinobi morality is gray with a tendency toward black and has become a darker take at what that sort of world might look like. It has been running since March 11th 2004 and is still going. If that appeals to you, then you can find it here

This board provides examples of:

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    World Examples 
  • The Empath: Those of the Tsuriau bloodline clan can, among other things, read the feelings hidden in the heart of a person just by looking at them. Some don't even need that.
  • Functional Magic: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and some kinds of taijutsu are treated as this. Only bloodline clans have inherited power, usually with the handwave of a biological trait, like magical eyes or a special body. The rest of ninja techniques are either learned, granted by an outside power or somehow accessed through objects or modification.
  • Mad Scientist: The Naga of Sound who created all the greatest wonders and monstrosities the village had even known are known for their willingness to turn to dark science to push their goals forward, or just for the joy of doing dark science.
  • Physical God - Assate, the hungry desert god that torments Wind Country, has great and terrible powers that do seem to put him on the same level as a deity.
  • Seers - Those of the Maesika clan who awaken their Doujutsu find themselves able to view alternate presents, the past and sometimes even the future, making them something of seers unto themselves.
  • Army of Thieves and Whores - In Wind Country those convicted of a crime have the choice of accepting their punishment or joining the Kuyamuya. The few that survive the process of joining are sworn to serve Sand until they die.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive - Mamatou of the Mamatou corporation rose to power in Grass through illicit deals, and now his drug empire is stretching out of the country and over the rest of the shinobi world.
  • Explosive Leash - Those who have sworn to serve Hidden Sand in the Kuyamuya are bound to a cloth that they will die if they are not in constant contact with . . . and that will strangle them to death if they ever try to go against their vows.
  • Lovecraftian Superpower - The Sanada bloodline clan of Leaf earn their infamy through an ability to manipulate their body's cells. In practice, this generally manifests as sprouting extra limbs, sometime human, sometimes not, reshaping their arms into blades and, eventually, jumping inside another person's body.

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