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Recap / Xiaolin Showdown "Days Past"

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Wuya has returned to full power, and Raimundo has joined the Heylin. Teaming up with Jack Spicer, the rest of the Monks use his time machine to send Omi back 1500 years to get help from Grand Master Dashi.


  • Didn't Think This Through: Jack sends Omi back in time without having a way to bring him back. To be fair, he didn't think it to be possible to send someone more than 3 seconds back in time until Clay brought up the possibility of using the Eye of Dashi as a power generator.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Past!Dojo is introduced telling Dashi that he finished hiding the Wings of Tinabi. This Shen Gong Wu turns up later in "Sizing Up Omi".
    • Dashi uses the Sands of Time as a timer for his showdown with Omi, several episodes before it becomes active in the episode of the same name. It may not be the same item though, as the design is visibly different.
  • My Own Grampa: Dojo brings up this possibility before Omi travels to the past.
  • Once an Episode: In what technically proves to be the first Xiaolin Showdown in the show's In-Universe timeline (Dashi hadn't yet come up with a name for the contest at the time Omi showed up), Omi faces off with Dashi to earn a new puzzle box in a challenge where Omi must take a pebble from Dashi before the sands in the hourglass run out, with Omi's Orb of Tornami versus Dashi himself (As Dashi himself states, Screw the Rules, I Make Them!).
  • When You Snatch the Pebble: Dashi has Omi go through one of these to earn another puzzle box. In this case, all Omi had to do was ask for it politely. The lesson was that defeating Wuya would require an unexpected tactic.
  • Worf Barrage: The Apprentice-level skils Omi, Kimiko and Clay learned in the previous episode do absolutely nothing to Wuya.

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