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Recap / 21 Jump Street S04E18 "Awomp Bomp Aloobomp Aloop Bamboom"

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Penhall: This mission we're on... it's not going to hurt anybody, is it?
Lance: If anybody'll get hurt, it'll be me.

It's freezing, the heating broke in the Jump Street station, and Sal is on vacation in Florida so it can't be fixed. Everybody is on edge because of the intense cold. Penhall and Hanson are on a case of a guy (Lance) who they think might have blown up a college radio station. While undercover and following him, they wind up on a bus, which unexpectedly takes them to Florida (while it's spring break). While in Florida with Lance, they soon find out Lance isn't a terrorist at all, but on a love mission—which makes Penhal rethink his relationship with his lost wife Marta.


This episode provides examples of:

  • Breather Episode: This episode takes place in Florida during Spring Break and features partying college students and lots of girls in bikinis; this follows after episodes dealing with the death penalty and with illiteracy and college sports corruption, and following it comes arguably the most grim episode of the entire series, "La Bizca", which is about the civil war in El Salvador.
  • Continuity Nod: When Hanson argues why he should get time off, he says "I was stuck in Folsom Prison!", referring to "Loc'd Out" and "Draw the Line".
  • Drinking Contest: Penhall and Lance can only get a hotel room if they participate in (and win) a game which consists of the contestants saying consecutive numbers but avoiding numbers with 7's or being multiples of 7, and having to drink a beer for each mistake.
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  • Foreshadowing: Penhall is shown to have a framed picture of his love/wife Marta on his desk, and to handle it lovingly. In episode 4 of this season, he married Marta, but after she was extradited at the end of that episode, she never was mentioned in any way (verbally or visually), as if she hadn't existed. Showing him handling her picture frame seems to subtly set up the next episode (in which he goes to El Salvador to look for her).
  • Newhart Phonecall: When Hanson and Penhall wind up in Florida, they call Fuller to let him know that. We only hear Fuller's side of this phone conversation; conveniently, Fuller repeats Hanson's lines not only for the audience, but also for In Universe by-standing Hoffs and Ioki to hear.
    Fuller: Hanson?... You and Penhall followed him... Right... No give me a clue... Ponce de Leon?!... You have found the fountain of youth???... [Fuller frowns, confused]... FLORIDA!? [Hoffs and Ioki scream "NO WAY!"]
  • Overly Long Title: Full episode title is "Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom go Awomp-Bomp-Aloobomb, Aloop Bamboom", which is a mouthfull.
  • Shipper on Deck: When Penhall hears Lance is on a mission to get back his (ex-)girlfriend, he does everything he can to help Lance get back with her, including preventing his best friend Hanson from getting together with said girl.
  • Vacation Episode: Although Hanson and Penhall wind up in Florida on a police assignment, it happens during Spring Break, so it has a vacation atmosphere.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: A suspect the undercover Penhall is with throws up after he's had too much beer to drink. While this happens, no vomit is shown, only Penhall's Reaction Shot.


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