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Recap / The Wall Will Fall: Act 5 - Endgame

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    December 13th 
  • After a number of vague but alarming tweets from Mr. Administrator, Gurt, and the Cheshire Cat (who stopped smiling), Gurt announced that Cthulhu's coming. He instructed the Metaguards to write stories in which ALL FIVE Guardians together turn him back, by the end of December 19th. He expects casualties.
    • Mr. A responded, adding that Cthulhu was probably drawn by repeated mention of his name. He believed that they had time before he arrived at the wall.
    • Shortly after, however, Mr. A posted again, announcing that Cthulu wasn't nearing the wall, he was already AT the wall. The only thing holding him back was the reduced size of the cracks in the fourth wall. He admitted that Wall Pieces should be retrieved, as Cthulhu tears the wall himself, and getting the pieces will slow him down. They will snap back into the Wall sometime on the 21st, after Cthulhu has been defeated. He also added that while only one story will be elevated to canon, due to Cthulhu's Reality Warping nature, every moderately good fic submitted will make it that much easier to subdue him.

    December 14th 

    December 15th 
  • JR Pictures, who was going to go after the last wall piece, got contacted by Mr. Administrator's agent, who gave him a hint [1].
  • Mr. Administrator posted that Cthulhu has progressed such that more help is needed to hold him off at the Wall crack.
    • He has requested for Metaguards to volunteer to use a special smartphone app to hold off Cthulhu at the crack. He also warned that it is a Suicide Mission.
      • After 24 hours, a vote will be held to determine which Metaguard takes this role. The more active, longstanding, and knowledgeable about the situation the Metaguard is, the better.
    • Songs about defending the Wall will make the app stronger; Mr. A is requesting more Metaguard-created songs.
  • Sherlock Holmes has informed Hercule Poirot that he will meet with Joe at the media section of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in order to retrieve his recorder. Until he returns, Poirot will have charge of Don Juan.
  • Despite believing the trip to the cemetery was worthless since he found no clues, JR Pictures chatted with Agent X via Facebook confirming he did his fieldwork right by taking photos of the wall and names of Sisters and now knows the location of the final wall piece.

    December 16th 
  • Mr. Administrator has approved Sherlock Holmes' and Moriarty's joint refic [2].
  • Hercule Poirot updated:
    • He found out about Sherlock Holmes's attempt to refic Moriarty with the recorder ploy, but Holmes insisted he stay out of it because It's Personal.
    • He followed Holmes to discover that Silver had gone instead of Moriarty. Holmes was refic'ed; Poirot apprehended Silver, requested a Silver refic from Mr. Administrator, and refic'ed Silver.
    • Poirot informed Don Juan of what had happened and then released him.
    • Poirot offered his aid to anyone wishing to go after the Cabal.
  • Mr. Administrator, citing some unspoken plan, changed Moriarty's refic to this one [3] (in which Sherlock Holmes is killed by Watson, who then in turn gets assassinated). The backlash from a few players was enormous, with Sicon112 leaving his resignation notice. The backlash TO the backlash was equally enormous.
    • Mr. Administrator further elaborated on Moriarty's successful refic:
      • The refictionalization story only takes place in Moriarty's mind, a moment before he dies.
      • It was delivered as a result of a compromise with Morgan le Fey, who emailed Mr. A as a result of learning that Moriarty had betrayed them and sent Silver unwittingly to his refictionalization.
      • Morgan also said that the remaining Cabal members will stand alongside whichever Metaguard is chosen to face off with Cthulhu.
    • After this information was revealed, Sicon rescinded his resignation.
  • Mr. Administrator has said that refic deadlines are flexible.
  • Ed announced that voting will begin in an hour. He added that anyone without a smartphone, car, and lots of time should withdraw their names.
    • Ed updated that the forum caps polls at ten. As there are still 18 people in the running, he called for those still signed up to reevaluate their commitment, and consider withdrawing.

    December 17th 
  • The poll is up, and will remain open for 24 hours.
  • Refic submissions for the Cheshire Cat and the Wicked Witch are now closed. [4]

     December 18th 
  • The poll was closed, with Adell winning over Sicon by a thin margin. Details will presumably be sent to the winner on how to confront Cthulhu.
  • The Wicked Witch has regained her powers.
    • She has pledged to avenge "all those who wronged her".
  • Mr. Administrator released an audio recording that Morgan sent him of Moriarty's refictionalization.
    • Warning: borderline NSFW.
  • Nick Farrell posted another video [5], confirming the suspicions that his wife was Dead All Along.
  • The Cheshire Cat has been successfully refictionalized.
  • Hercule Poirot has posted that his final case before returning is to protect Sicon112 from the Wicked Witch.
  • Adell received more information regarding the Suicide Mission. He received both a general location of where he needs to go and the apparent app to stop Cthulhu, though he admitted that the app at first glance appeared both confusing and colorful. Mr.A had assured him, however, that he would give him some form of help with it, as well as more details regarding the mission tomorrow.

    December 19th 
  • The Wicked Witch's refic was chosen: [6].
  • Adell followed his conversation from yesterday with a Post detailing the app as well as confirming the location.
  • The Sydney Wall Piece has been retrieved by JR Pictures. Photos can be seen here.

    December 20th 
  • Mr. Administrator reported that Hercule Poirot and the Wicked Witch were both refictionalized. No details yet.
  • Adell is about to fight Cthulhu at 6 PM EST [8]. The remaining Cabal members will be joining him [9], with Morgana using her regained magic to support everyone [10]. The livestream link was tweeted by Mr. Administrator, Tom, Dana, and This Very Wiki.
    • After a short video feed [11], Cthulhu was confirmed to be pushed back, and the wall sealed. Adell's and the Cabal's status is unknown, Mr. A is trying to contact Adell.
    • In the video feed, the Cabal seem to be injured terribly and Morgana is possibly dead.
    • Adell has returned. In his own words, he fainted and suffered a light concussion, and his friend's iPhone melted. As he last heard, the Cabal are alive but in critical condition in the hospital. He was given three letters by the paramedics, one from each of member of the Cabal, the contents of which have not yet been revealed.
  • Cthulhu was defeated with Scarab's fic [12] (Angel pulled a Heroic Sacrifice, Gnarbrydh is severely injured). Prime has congratulated the Metaguards (in his usual ominous tone) [13], mentioning that he "corrected his mistakes". The Wall did not fall.
    • Ed has some Unspoken Plan [14] of making Prime talk about whether or not the wall incident was his doing.