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A Troper as of 2008. She has forgotten the reason she thought naming herself after an Egyptian Dung Beetle was a good idea, but it was a long time ago and the name stuck. She's launched a minor trope or two, including Red Sky, Take Warning, Does Not Know His Own Strength (formerly Ace Lightning Syndrome), Unbroken Vigil, Threads - And it was the worst experience of my life besides actually watching it, Save This Person, Save the World, Raven, You Are Worth Hell, and Tzadikim Nistarim.

And then it gets kinda interesting...

During winter 2012, without entirely understanding what she was getting into, Scarab signed up for The Wall Will Fall, an Alternate Reality Game started on The next thing Scarab knew, she was trying to help a bunch of then near strangersnote  solve puzzles she was generally no good at, attempting to keep Don Quixote from waging war against public transport, debating how exactly the Fourth Wallnote  had managed to break down in the first place, and writing application forms to the Wicked Witch of the West. Her acceptance as the Campaign Manager for the aforementioned Witch's presidental campaign lead to the uncharacteristic consumption of questionable alcohol and after that it all starts to get a little fuzzy around the edges... Well, right up until she helped the Real World and Fictional Metaguards kick the Elder God Cthulhu back into the realms of fiction, repair the broken fourth wall and save the planet. At least in part, by singing. Turns out, nothing sobers you up like the threat of eternal Mind Rape.

You'd be amazed by what you can get used to.

The Wall Will Fall ended in late December, yet somehow she is still around, and has a self apponted duty to find some way to imagine all of their TWWF experiences in visual form, someday.


Why hello there, friend! I see that things are all well. ~Apples Galore

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I would like to congratulate you, Ms. Scarab, on your role as the somewhat sinister songstress of the Metaguard militia. ~Genndy Oda COG

  • Ooh, alliteration. This has my approval. Thanks, Gen. It was great fun. <3 ~Scarab

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