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Recap / The Wall Will Fall: Act 4

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    November 15th 
  • The prosecution on Peter Pan's case have tendered their second piece of evidence. The part where Pan allegedly tries to throw a kid off a bridge is clearly reversed, and the prosecutor is acting increasingly unhinged.
  • John Silver is trying to prevent Gulliver's refictionalization [1]. Mr. Administrator has confirmed it and is trying to find another ways to expose him to his refic [2].
    • On a side note, that means that the fictites have to be exposed to their story for the refictionalization to happen.
  • Mr. Administrator has demanded Adam's refictionalization [3]. Deadline is 18th November.
  • Long John Silver has begun to list his stipulations for working with the Metaguards.
  • Mr. Administrator has revealed another echo in LA [4]. Immediately after, though, he began nervously tweeting about some huge problem that requires A-Prime's attention. No details so far.
    • Administrator Prime has made a personal video response: [5]. Cabal has somehow stolen one of 5 wall pieces. Finding them all would allow them to reseal it.
    • Mr. A (not Prime) later said that the pieces were hurled into the real world when the wall collapsed. They are currently physical objects.

    November 16th 
  • Adell uncovers an extremely disturbing bit of information after finding one of the letters mentioned on November 14th. It seems that one of Mister A's Agents, Agent X, has previously sent Mister A evidence confirming that some of the damage presumed to be caused by a collapsing fourth wall may not actually be happening. This throws up the possibility that the proposed threat of the characters being a threat to the stability of reality is unfounded. The Metaguards await further information.

    November 17th 

    November 18th 
  • Hercule Poirot has provided an update on his case.
    • The man who showed up is confirmed to not be Jack Vincent.
    • The curator observed the man acting suspiciously the night before the incident with the music.
    • Poirot theorizes that, having been foiled by the curator, the man used the music as a distraction while he cut out the original painting in, having time only to staple the replacement before making an escape.
    • Sherlock Holmes further suggested that the man concealed the painting in a poster tube from the gift shop, but took the wrong one. When he returned for the right one, he knocked out and tied up Poirot to prevent him from interfering.
    • Holmes and Poirot are now headed for Austin, Texas to follow the lead from the staplegun.
    • Holmes has been acting strangely distant.
  • Sherlock Holmes has updated his blog.
    • He explains his strange silence mentioned in Poirot's blog as relating to his ponderings of the information recently provided by James Raikes.
    • He has at last solved the murder of Pieter Verhaeren, and has drawn the same conclusion as the Metaguards— that the murderer can have been none other than James Moriarty.
    • Interestingly, the disguise Moriarty donned for this crime was as the clock's restoration artist.
  • Adam has updated his blog in a post rife with Heroic BSoD.
  • After some "technical hiccups", Mr. Administrator has verified a Hercule Poirot echo.
  • Ed has posted a message from Morgana, giving the Metaguards an email address by which to contact the Cabal. Mr. Administrator is not pleased by this decision. Insert Broken Base here.

    November 19th 
  • Mr. Administrator has verified an echo location, though for which character this echo is relevant remains unclear.
  • An update from the Wicked Witch, entitled 'Depressed'. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Don Quixote has woken up. After being brought to speed on events by Brad, he should be tweeting again.
  • A series of tweets from Don Quixote, upon waking up:
    • He had been sedated for nine days, to prevent a repeat of his last attempt to discharge himself early.
    • He confirms that Jen has been detained, though most of her plan would have been impossible anyway.
    • He's hungry, is restricted to clear fluids, and his legs are asleep.
    • Some Metaguards asked him for music recommendations while he was speaking with the police. He recommended Gangnam Style.
    • The police gave up on speaking to him and moved to Brad when he began subconsciously dancing to Gangnam style.
  • Mr Administrator has confirmed a new Peter Pan echo.
  • A few tweets from A, explaining why it's a bad idea to retrieve the Wall pieces— doing so would immediately re-merge them with the Wall, sealing it, as has happened with the piece the Cabal already secured.
  • Mr Administrator named Thursday the deadline for Gulliver refics.
  • It appears a Metaguard has discovered the Phantom of the Opera's and Don Juan's email addresses.

    November 20th 
  • Email exchanges with Morgan.
  • After a minor chatroom freakout over privacy concerns in response to some of Morgan Le Fey's early email responses, Dana gave an AMA as a token of good faith on Twitter.
  • With Gulliver getting increasingly homesick [6][7], he and LJS are going to move on [8].

    November 21st 
  • Peter Pan's second echo [9] was found. (Password: "Gurt")
  • Mr. Administrator announces a Breather Episode for the duration of Thanksgiving Day [10].

    November 22nd 
  • Breather Episode.
  • Update from Hercule Poirot:
    • The G'Raj Mahal cafe recognized Melissa Glaser's name as a regular but recently absent customer.
    • Poirot waited for her there and questioned her upon her arrival. She denied everything but grew agitated at Jack Vincent's name.
    • He noticed a mark on her finger as though she had recently worn a wedding ring that was not currently present.
      • Common theory is that Melissa Glaser is Don Juan's fiancee, who he mentioned in the chat log (her name is Melissa, too).
    • Poirot will be moving his blog to Sherlock Holmes's site from now on.

    November 23rd 
  • Peter Pan's attorney asked to find signs of tampering with second evidence [11].
    • After some editing the suspicions about the video being scattered into pieces have confirmed.
    • Dryunya finished editing the video together and can be downloaded here. It shows Pan talking to a little girl about flying and preventing her from jumping off the bridge in an attempt to fly.

    November 24th 
  • Romeo's Black Friday update: [12].
  • The "members" page no longer lists Edward as an admin. Apparently, he was demoted by Joe for his support of the Cabal. Ed also stated his intention to collect the wall pieces [13].
    • When prompted, Ed said that Joe lied to him. Without Joe's update, the Metaguards are left to stew in their own juice.
      • Joe's response was a recording of their argument: [14].
      • The Metaguards are generally angry at Joe's keeping the information from them.
  • After an extensive argument in the chatroom, the most anti-Cabal Metaguards have decided to retrieve one wall piece [15] in an attempt to advance the plot.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed Adam's refictionalization: [16].

    November 25th 

    November 26th 
  • A series of tweets from Don Quixote:
    • On the sites the Metaguards recommended:
      • He refused to visit tvtropes because Deanna frequented the site.
      • He didn't understand xkcd, Dinosaur Comics, or Cracked.
      • He thought Homestuck was enjoyable while on drugs.
      • He liked the-cutest, the-fairest, and icanhazcheezburger.
    • He solved a Rubix cube in under a minute before going back to LOLCats.
    • He has a plan to help Mary Gamble.
    • He went for a walk and was reunited with Binky.
    • He obtained a cat and asked the Metaguards to suggest names.
      • After revealing that the cat was female, he eventually chose the name Queenclaw.
      • He later confirmed Queenclaw to be polydactyl.

     November 27th 
  • Sandy made a last post on Adam's blog: [19]. As it turned out, Shelley (Adam's cat), who was mentioned in his refic, stayed in reality with Sandy.
  • Mr. Administrator has selected a Gulliver refic story, but Gulliver can't be refictionalized until the Metaguards find a way for him to see the story.
  • Mr. Administrator gave his reasoning for interfering in Peter Pan's trial, and announced Pan's refic deadline (November 29th).
  • Another series of tweets from Don Quixote:
    • He warned that some of the background audio in the still-forthcoming recording of his confrontation with Deanna may be damaged.
    • A comment from Brad (echoing a sentiment some Metaguards had previously expressed) that Queenclaw looked like Hitler degenerated Quixote's feed into a brief discussion of Hitler.
    • He mentioned that he'll soon ask a favour of the Metaguards relating to Gamble, which they will have to choose whether to accept.
    • He stopped tweeting out of respect for privacy when Brad's and Tara's parents entered.
    • Deanna's parents have asked us to refer to her as Deanna Hackins (as opposed to Jen Cooney).
    • Deanna's parents and Brad's and Tara's parents have given their blessing to Quixote's and Brad's still-forthcoming plan to help Gamble.
    • Brad is going to go back to the name Bradley.
  • Silver has agreed to read the Gulliver refic to Gulliver.
  • Mr. Administrator has given the go-ahead to refic Hercule Poirot.
  • Some more tweets from Don Quixote:
    • He asked the Metaguards for permission to give Mary Gamble the credit for solving Deanna's puzzles.
    • Brad will be posting on Tara's blog sometime "tomorrow".
    • The judge has ruled that since Gamble already served time for her wrongful discharge of Deanna the first time around, she will pay a fine and not go to trial.
  • Joan Lawson has updated her blog.
    • Looks like she's going to take over from Gamble as Deanna's psychiatrist.
    • She also clarified that Todd had signed a total disclosure agreement with her before his refic, which is why she was allowed to post the recording and other details from his sessions.
  • Brad made his promised post on Tara's blog. He memorializes Tara and Miranda, explains a lot more backstory about the four of them, and fills in what had previously been plot holes in the story.
  • Some more Don Quixote tweets:
    • The hospital staff gave him a video game console, and he began live-tweeting his attempt at a Zelda game.
    • He has conquered his fear of spiders.
    • Brad took over the phone after Quixote went to sleep; Quixote's condition is deteriorating rapidly.
    • Brad asked for more information about the refictionalization process. He requested to be the one to read Quixote his story.

    November 28th 
  • More Don Quixote tweets:
    • He caught up with the ARG situation. He believes that no one should be forced out of reality, except for the Cabal, because they are trying to impose their opinion on the others.
    • He asked for videos on Youtube to watch. He abandoned Youtube right after Marble Hornets.
    • He proved to be extremely skilled at The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, conquering an entire dungeon on half a heart. Also, he has been taking hits for an invincible character in an Escort Mission, as chivalry demanded.
    • Brad has decided to introduce him to I Wanna Be the Guy. Playing on impossible, he completed it in under 2 hours (while alternating between it and Zelda), which is, as anyone will tell, absolutely impossible.
    • Quixote finished the Zelda game by the time Brad got back from his date with a nurse.
  • Brad made a secret post on Tara's blog warning us about Don Quixote's critical health condition. He has maximum 3 weeks for the Metaguards to find his echo and refic him with a miracle cure, or he will die.
  • Sherlock Holmes posted an update on the Jack Vincent case:
    • Jack Vincent is currently in his and Hercule Poirot's custody
    • Don Juan had abducted Vincent, but Vincent, suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, subsequently willingly aided and protected Juan.
    • Holmes knows Juan's current whereabouts, which he can use to either prosecute him, refic him, or:
    • Holmes is considering offering Juan to work with him to help him earn his happy future in this world, provided he returns Vincent to his family and the painting to the museum, and gives Holmes the locations of the other Cabal members.
    • Holmes asks for the Metaguards' input on this moral dilemma.
    • He also gives his best wishes to Quixote.
  • Mr. Administrator has mentioned that a crossover between Gulliver and LJS is probably impossible [20].

    November 29th 
  • Some tweets from Don Quixote:
    • For some reason, Brad didn't want Quixote to play The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The metaguards have recommended Ben Drowned. Sure enough, Quixote has decided not to play Zelda anymore.
    • Brad asked him not to read Tara's blog.
    • Mary Gamble paid her fine off easily with her nest egg.
      • She is going to work as a cashier to make up the money.
    • Brad reminded the Metaguards via Quixote's twitter to keep checking Tara's blog.
  • A couple of blog posts from Brad, assuring the Metaguards that Don Quixote won't be reading the blog, and asking to be kept abreast of the Quixote refic situation.
  • Brad and Don Quixote both commented on Holmes' blog.
  • More from Don Quixote:
    • Brad promised him a gift if he finishes a blind run of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (yes, he overcame his fear of Ben Drowned) in under 24 hours.
    • Brad gave Quixote an orange-and-black striped shirt similar to the one he'd lost (that was not the gift).
  • Brad posted on Tara's blog that the gift will be a picture of him and Tara, and that he'll give it to Don Quixote no matter what.
  • Brad linked to the recording of the Deanna confrontation on Don Quixote's twitter. (Zip file with audio and transcript, Transcript. No separate link to the audio is currently available.)
  • Brad updated Tara's blog with the picture of him and Tara that he plans to give Don Quixote.

    November 30th 
  • In her emails, Morgana mentioned that the wall pieces are "nice trophies", and said how they reintegrated the one they found (they scanned a QR-code on it). All that was hinting that the Metaguards would have to retrieve the pieces all by themselves, should they decide to do so.
  • Some Don Quixote tweets:
    • Quixote finished 100%ing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and immediately went to sleep.
    • Brad said shortly after that Quixote woke up, clutched his chest, and was rushed to the ICU.
    • Brad decided to go by Bradcho, as Quixote had earlier requested.
  • Brad announced on the blog that Don Quixote only has about 15 or 16 days left to live.
    • And he decided to tell Quixote once he wakes up.
    • He corrected the figure on twitter; the official projection is 18 days left to live.
  • Don Quixote now knows the truth.
  • Mr. Administrator has published further crossover research and concluded that the closest thing possible is the message transmission between the universes [22], but only if the story is exceptional.
  • Guest User 17 has found the letter from Mr. A’s agent pointing to the first wall piece. It contained a link to a site, and it also said that the wall piece was hidden in a VHS box.
    • The site, while mocking the Phantom of the Opera, also contained leads to find the piece (that was said in the letter). It also had a form to submit emails (allegedly, to book the tickets), which logged the email and the IP it was submitted from. The emails were not checked for validity, and the site accepted 50 emails. The speculation is that the counter should be dropped to 0 to get a final hint.
    • Several Metaguards, not wanting the Cabal to get a hold of the info, started a private chatroom (logs will be declassified later), where Sicon hatched his plan:
    1. Post the part of the letter without the hint to alert the Cabal.
    2. Start a new chatroom (logs will be declassified later) and invite everyone there. That chat was meant to thwart the Cabal. The VHS hint was also withheld (so that the Cabal wouldn't get all the information in case of leaks), but the site link was free to discuss.
    3. Attempt to secure the wall piece without letting the Cabal to know the actual location.
    • This plan was dismissed later, when Morgana said in her email that the Cabal wouldn’t be able to retrieve the piece. The Metaguards took this as a meta-hint that the secrecy was unnecessary, and the rest of the letter was taken to the forums.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed [23] that The Wall Will Fall on December, 21st.
  • Batman has found another Romeo's echo: [24] ("Gurt"). Note that the URL is human-readable.

    December 1st 
  • Brad, Don Quixote and the doctors have contrived a plan to get Quixote out of the hospital to spend his final days his own way.
  • A series of tweets from the Cheshire Cat (he was silent for a long time) - he is chasing a laser pointer. He seems to be trying to find his way home [25].
  • Batman has found the second letter [26]. When solved (Shakespeare's sonnet number - line - letter), it leads to a fake bookstore site [27].
  • Brad has allowed Don Quixote to drive his car, and after that he went on to pet tarantulas.
    • Quixote decided to get a pet spider, which was named Charlotte.
  • The Wicked Witch updated: She experimented a little too much with alcohol and ended up in Brazil. She made her way back to the US-Mexico border, but is currently unable to re-enter the US.
  • Another letter was found by Batman [28]. Apparently, this agent was stalked by the Tinfoil Hat Guy. The Metaguards have recovered his phone number (it was posted on fictionalthreat briefly, but the number was saved on the forums), and, annoyed, he told them what to look for [29].

    December 2nd 
  • Emailing with the bookstore owner (see December 1st) has revealed more information about the wall piece [30]. It is also confirmed to be a book named "Off the top of my head" by M. R. Administrator (really). Retrieval of the piece is scheduled for the next day.
    • The plans are disturbed when Mr. Administrator announces that the physical removal of the pieces reintegrates them anyway [31], only in a slower manner.
      • The Cheshire Cat noted that taking one piece wouldn't do any harm [32].
  • The Cheshire Cat exchanged a series of cryptic tweets:
    • In addition to pushing for retrieving one, or even all but one, wall pieces,
    • he seemed to confirm that LJS has joined the Cabal
    • suggested that he sees both the Cabal and Mr. Administrator as villains
    • and hinted at more villains yet to cross the Wall
  • Don Quixote wants to know more about the time gap between his world and ours [33].
    • Soon after learning about Martin Luther King Junior, he gave a Rousing Speech and said that he won't be delusional when he comes back [34].
  • Brad has abandoned Tara's blog [35], and apologized for calling Mr. Administrator out before [36].
  • Somebody has found Don Quixote's final echo. Everyone is baffled [37].
    • A particularly dorky Mr. Administrator instantiation is trying to find the echo link.
    • When prompted [38], Morgana said that the Cabal got the echo, and sent the link to 3 Metaguards who were the least rude to her (so far, no one has received anything).
  • The Wicked Witch is frustrated that the elections in Mexico had just ended, and is trying to learn Spanish. The Metaguards have already suggested the phrases "I am a fish" and "My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels".
  • Don Quixote won a burger-eating contest at a restaurant. They were unwilling to pay up, but when he called attention to who he was, patrons recognized him as the man who had taken Deanna in and insisted he get his prize. He won $10,000.
  • Mr. Administrator has announced Romeo and Juliet's refictionalization. Deadline: end of December 7.

    December 3rd 
  • Mr. Administrator has announced that Don Quixote is ready to be sent back, and that refics must be submitted before his Dec 18 deadline.
  • Silver's echo has been found (Password: "Gurt").
  • Morgana mentioned that LJS is currently in Russia [41].
  • The letter in King's Cross station was found, leading to another email account, which promises riddles leading to the physical location of the wall piece.
  • Brad and Don Quixote spent $5,000 to bribe a waterpark to open just for them. (Thanks to Quixote's quick thinking, or it would have cost them more)
    • After some public nudity from Quixote at the waterpark, Brad gave up denying that they were a couple.
  • Enlil retrieved and scanned the Pittsburgh Wall piece. Mr. Administrator was not pleased.
  • Romeo's been getting to know Juliet better. And he told her the truth. All of it.

    December 4th 
  • GuestUser17 has located but not scanned the Seattle Wall piece
    • Somewhere at that time, an idea was born in several heads simultaneously to take the pictures of the QR-codes on the pieces without taking them, so that the pieces may be reintegrated when needed.
  • Brad and Don Quixote had a Noodle Incident: [42] [43].
  • Juliet posted on her blog. She realizes that she's not really in love with Romeo, but knows that they have something special, and wants him to go back with her.
  • Brad tweeted, eliminating the "less feasible" items from Don Quixote's Bucket List. Later, Quixote got drunk and started singing Karaoke. Coincidentally, all his songs involved The End of the World as We Know It (including the Trope Namer).

    December 5th 
  • In the early morning hours, Don Quixote watched Mulan, and almost had a revelation about chivalry, until remembering he'd had the same revelation once before. He did, however, declare "Be A Man" to be a great piece of music and decided to use it as his own personal theme.
    • Dr. Gamble was asked to publish her experience with Deanna as a book. The profits will be donated to psychiatric care centers and into schizophrenia research.
    • Charlotte has possibly been eaten by the Queenclaw [44], Queenclaw made a break for it [45], and Binky went missing [46]. Brad, grumbling about a generic Sitcom plot, went out to find the animals, as they are precious for Quixote [47] [48].
  • The Cheshire Cat's echo has been found. Note that the echo URL is pretty short. Also, Metaneko is not polydactyl.
  • Mr. Administrator has announced the deadline for Don's refictionalisation as the end of December 11.
  • Brad has slipped Don Quixote some painkillers, and will reveal the story behind the animals' disappearance (which he has apparently figured out) when Quixote wakes up.

    December 6th 
  • The number of seats at the Leroux Productions site was brought down to zero. Any attempts to register are now redirected to the phone number 1-888-279-8774.
    • Calling the number brings up a keypad-navigated directory.
      • Navigating to ticket sales redirects to a message from Jasper Ticketing Services, announcing that tickets are sold out but that a recording of the performance will be available at Counterpoint Records and Books.
      • Navigating to change booking information calls up a message giving an email: to contact for cancellations/ changes.
      • Other keypad options provide a synopsis and information on the production company.
  • Don Juan's Texas echo has been found.
  • Mr. Administrator has confirmed Peter Pan's successful refictionalization.
    • He linked to a video in which Pan's lawyer begins to make his closing remarks. The video was cut off before what was presumably the refic.
  • Meta: Possibly in response to some friction between Metaguards on the forums and chatroom, Joe and Ed have made up. [49]
  • The Apology Thread was created to deal with any future stress between Metaguards in these late days of the game.
  • In a complicated series of tweets, Brad has explained the animals' disappearance:
    • He initially thought that Charlotte had been stolen by a man enthusiastic about bugs, who had had his wife murdered by a hitman, and that the hitman had then made a break for it on Binky. Meanwhile, one hotel owner threw Queenclaw at the other hotel owner, and between this and a paranoid man suspecting her to be Hitler, Queenclaw ran away.
      • However, that turned out to not be the case. Rather:
    • Don Quixote had drunkenly taken Charlotte to snuggle with when he went to sleep instead of Queenclaw; Charlotte was still snuggling in Quixote's bed, unbeknownst to Brad, by the time Quixote awoke.
    • Quixote had forgotten to let Queenclaw out to relieve herself, so she made a break for it as soon as she could to take care of her needs; by the time Quixote awoke, a maid had let her back into the room while Brad was out investigating.
    • Quixote had merely tied Binky up at the other end of the building under an overhang because it looked like rain.
    • Needless to say, they will have to leave this hotel.
  • Long John Silver (previously stated by Morgan to be in Russia) is on a "secret mission" searching for someone.
  • Don Quixote and Brad found lodgings at a small B&B that accepts animals, as well as "all kinds of relationships".

    December 7th 
  • Joe updated, recapping recent events and confirming that he and Ed are friends again (and won't fight about the Wall Pieces for 27 hours).
  • Romeo has decided to stay at Juliet's side, this time as a friend [50], and agrees to refictionalization.
  • Brad and Don Quixote are sitting down to breakfast at the Narcisi B&B. Brad has named everyone present with room numbers and occupation.
    • Brad seems to have fallen in Love at First Sight with their hosts' granddaughter, Miss Kayleigh Narcisi.
  • Hercule Poirot has posted an update on Sherlock Holmes' blog [51]:
    • Holmes wanted to meet Don Juan's fiancee to learn his side of the story, but met Don Juan himself in the process.
    • Don Juan was captured by Poirot, and the detectives are now deciding what to do with him. Don Juan promises cooperation (and the Cabal's echoes' locations) in exchange for his release.
  • In one of her emails, Morgana said to ask Mr. Administrator about what he did to the prosecutor.
    • When prompted, Mr. Administrator replied that he seeded the courtroom with Phoenix Wright tropes to create a mistrial [52].
    • He also believes that the detectives should make a deal with Don Juan, as he wouldn't go too far from his fiancee anyway. Hercule Poirot stands for Don Juan's refictionalization, Sherlock Holmes is willing to give him a second chance.
  • Gurt is currently investigating a serious situation: the characters are leaving their stories without arriving at the wall [53]. Mr. Administrator doesn't have any more information for now.

    December 8th 
  • Joe has updated the main page with a letter from Dracula. It is signed by "Count Vladimir Dragulia".
  • When told about the undefined situation behind the wall [54], Morgana got nervous, and emailed Narrativedilettante, asking to retrieve the wall piece as soon as possible [55].
  • Mr. Administrator has announced Sherlock Holmes's and Hercule Poirot's refics deadline - 13th December, 6:00 PM (EST).
  • Batman has found the final Wicked Witch's echo: [56].
  • Narrativedilettante has collected the wall piece and scanned it from the store and is prepared to face Mr. Administrator's wrath.
    • Mr. A inevitably found out about the wall piece being taken and was dissapointed to say the least.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot have come to a decision. They will negotiate with Don Juan, but in order to ensure his full compliance (i.e., the return of the painting to the museum, the return of Vincent to his family, and truthful and accurate information on the locations of the remaining Cabal echoes) they want the Metaguards to give them Juan refics as soon as possible for use as leverage.
    • Don Juan has cracked [57], but he is not sure of the echoes' locations. He has given 3 locations: one of the Cabal's meeting, one of Phantom's vigilantism episode, and one of Moriarty's former apartment. (Also, the tabloid page has a Batman logo on it.)

    December 9th 
  • The Metaguards have wondered what would happen if fictionals had children [58]. Some took the question seriously, and asked Morgana and Mr. Administrator. The latter's advice was pretty terse. So an intrepid Metaguard took it upon himself to give Morgana The Talknote 
  • Moriarty's Echo has been found.
  • Romeo and Juliet have posted goodbye messages on their blogs. Mr. Administrator confirmed that their refic is being read to them.
  • Coming even closer to the Cabal's refictionalization, the Metaguards have started another round of arguments in the chatroom.

    December 10th 

    December 11th 
  • Mr. Administrator has announced a brainstorming session to find a delivery mechanism for Moriarty [61].
    • He has given the go-ahead for a Metaguard plan to deliver the refic.
    • Mr. A gave the good news that all will probably be well by the 21st.
  • Ron Deckland has found and posted the full version of Peter Pan's last trial session [62].
    • The refic in question: [63]
  • Mr. Administrator has announced the deadline for refic'ing the Cheshire Cat and the Wicked Witch as 11:59 pm on Sunday Dec 16.
  • A number of tweets from Brad, reminding about the Don Quixote refic deadline and describing some droll events at the B&B.
  • Banter between the Cheshire Cat and Mr. Administrator, re: Metaneko's refictionalization, and whether or not they like each other.

    December 12th 


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