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Recap / The Wall Will Fall: Epilogue

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    December 21st 
  • Joe posted a video [1].
    • He reposted Adell's final showdown.
    • He was worried by Mr. Administrator's announcement, and Ed's plan to make him talk is almost ready.
  • The End of the World as We Know It didn't happen.

    December 22nd 
  • Mr. Administrator made a tweet in an unusually informal manner: [2].
  • Brad has tweeted his final tweet, signifying the end of the Don Quixote arc.

    December 23rd 
  • The WTF site experienced a brief outage. After that, Joe made a "hang in there" post [3], promising resolution soon.
  • Apparently, Mr. Administrator thinks a lot about TV Tropes admin [4].
  • Joe has announced a Christmas break [5]. He is going to show "something cool" on 26th.

    December 26th 
  • It appears that Ed and Joe are experiencing some technical difficulties with their plan. [6]
  • Sayu-chan has found a message in a bottle, addressed to Gulliver, which may have come from LJS's refic. She threw it back into the ocean [7].
  • Sicon112 found Hercule Poirot's recorder left behind at his house. [8]
    • Translation from the French portion here.
  • Brad has tweeted yet again. He found a newspaper article which said that the Noodle Incident donkey (the one with an equation on his ass) appeared at the Washington-Canadian border.

    December 27th 
  • Ed hacked the void, resulting in a conversation between Joe and Prime in which Prime admitted to breaking the wall For Science!! The credits rolled. The ARG is officially over.
  • Adam's banana has reached its destination [9].
  • Adell announced that the Cabal members died in hospital. He posted the letters that they had on them, including a puzzle the Phantom of the Opera left leading, or so he claims, to some further Pheeble chats.
  • The Cheshire Cat gave a final tweet, giving a twitter account that shows that things may not be quite over...
    • The tweet led to an account that was soon deleted. It was moved here: [10], along with the corresponding Youtube channel [11]. It belongs to a rebelled fraction of Mr. Administrator's instantiations, who filed off their serial numbers, dropped the I Am Legion habit, donned Hawaiian shirts and bike helmets, and grew beards. According to their tweets, they are hiding in the void, and are unlikely to act soon.

    December 28th