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Recap / The Wall Will Fall: After-party

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     December 28th 
  • The GMs answer numerous questions in an ongoing "post-mortem" on the forums in a dedicated section, revealing behind-the-scenes info and any puppet metaguards who were secretly GMs. "No major players" were GMs, and they were mostly using these shadow metaguards to keep the plot on track with subtle nudges.
  • Analyzing the Phantom of the Opera's cryptic message:
    • Assembled "h.jpg" [1], containing stylized images of the Cabal's members and a link to a pdf [2].
    • Folding the "fold.jpg" revealed a message about Cardan Grille [3].
    • Applying a reversed grille ("g.jpg") to "p.jpg" revealed a short message from Don Juan [4] about his betrayal.
      • Shifting the grille to the right as indicated in "fold.jpg" reveals a different short message [5], from Erik, revealing that the previous message was misdirection; it gives a clue to the key for deciphering "hidden.pdf".
    • The "hidden.pdf" file from that Erik's puzzle links to was decrypted [6]. It outlines Erik's moral stance and mentions an image that was sent to Mr. Administrator and may provide more details. The image in question was requested and duly provided [7].

    December 31st 
  • After a pause, the image was decrypted with a steganographic tool [8]. It revealed 6 concatenated keys to the Pheeble chats. The puzzle is solved.

     September 10th, 2013 
  • Narrativedilettante and her friend went to the location of the one remaining Echo of Morgan le Fey but were unable to find it. After some communication with Tom, he eventually sent her the full Echo panel with some backstory regarding their thoughts on it.

     September 17th, 2013 

     October 8th, 2013 
  • The interference pattern from the eye pic was decoded from binary to form a repeating link to a google doc with a recorded message (Transcript).
  • Rick confirmed that all hidden information from the anniversary puzzle had been found (but the significance had yet to be realized).

     October 9th, 2013 
  • Pixelmage deduced that the message means that the Cabal (i.e., Morgan, Erik, and Juan, or Morgan at the very least) are alive, and potentially reachable.
  • Rick confirmed that Pixie's deduction was "100% correct", and this concludes the anniversary puzzle.