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Recap / The Twilight Zone S 1 E 32 A Passage For Trumpet

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Rod Serling: Joey Crown, musician with an odd, intense face, whose life is a quest for impossible things like flowers in concrete or like trying to pluck a note of music out of the air and put it under glass to treasure...Joey Crown, musician with an odd, intense face, who, in a moment, will try to leave the Earth and discover the middle ground - the place we call the Twilight Zone.

Air date: May 20, 1960

After he commits suicide, a trumpet player named Joey Crown (Jack Klugman) finds himself in a world where everything is moving, but no one notices him except for another musician.

Rod Serling: Joey Crown, who makes music, and who discovered something about life; that it can be rich and rewarding and full of beauty, just like the music he played, if a person would only pause to look and to listen. Joey Crown, who got his the Twilight Zone.


A Passage For Tropes:

  • An Aesop: Don't throw your life away so quickly. Things may seem bad now, but they get better in due time.
  • The Alcoholic: Joey's alcoholism has ruined his once promising career as a jazz trumpeter.
  • Despair Event Horizon: With no job prospects in store, Joey sells off his beloved trumpet to a pawn shop. This is what prompts him to commit suicide.
  • Driven to Suicide: Joey deliberately steps off a curb in front of a truck after he sells his trumpet. This starts the plot rolling.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: After returning to life and buying back his trumpet, Joey meets a nice woman who admires his talent, and they start a relationship. Since she's new to the city, he gets to show her the sights with her, seeing his home with new eyes. After nothing but rejection and lost opportunities, things are starting to look up for Joey Crown.
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  • Jesus Was Way Cool: The Archangel Gabriel is a real slick cat who blows a mean horn. Can you dig it, Daddy-o?
  • Missing Reflection: Joey discovers that he does not have a reflection when he looks into the mirror at the cinema. It is later revealed that this is because he is a state of limbo.
  • Purgatory and Limbo: After the drunken Joey steps off the curb, he is hit by a truck and enters a limbo state between life and death.
  • The Reveal: Joey isn't dead: he's actually surrounded by dead people. Also, the other musician he meets, Gabe, is really the Archangel Gabriel.
  • Tuckerization:
    • The Houghton & Co Truck Company is a reference to the series' producer Buck Houghton.
    • Nan is named after Rod Serling's daughter Ann, whose nickname was Nan.
  • Wham Line: The other trumpet player says "Call me Gabe. Short for Gabriel."