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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 7 E 4 The Surrogate

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The Control Voice: The beauty of motherhood and the miracle of new life connects us to our humanity... or does it?

A woman agrees to be a surrogate mother, but something isn't right.

The Control Voice: The birth of a new life can be awesome and miraculous, unless it is at the expense of the human race itself.

The Tropogate:

  • Cruel Twist Ending: A woman becomes a surrogate to a family via a private medical facility. She joins a support group for surrogate mothers there and becomes suspicious. Standard Town with a Dark Secret plot, right? Suspecting her baby will be a monster or something else she contacts an FBI agent who at first thinks she's crazy. The actual babies are never seen, and the surrogate mothers don't like to talk about them afterwards. When the big day comes and the FBI agent busts in to stop the evil birth... Only to discover the entire thing was a breeding operation for aliens. The alien's birth occurs when the alien growing in her womb eats all of her except her skin. And it's still hungry for more, ending with the FBI agent getting eaten too.
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  • Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong: Claire Linkwood agrees to be a surrogate mother for Craig and Donna Ellach in exchange for $30,000. She is implanted with an embryo by Dr. Deanston, who runs a clinic. A week or so later, she begins to have strange, vivid nightmares about herself and the fetus in distress. She shares them with the clinic's surrogacy support group and finds that several of the other women have had similar experiences. Seven months later, Fern, another member of the support group whom Claire has befriended, loses her baby. Shortly afterwards, Claire is approached by FBI Special Agent Glen Grant who tells her that every baby born through the Deanston Clinic's surrogacy program has disappeared without a trace. Claire is unconvinced by Grant's conspiracy theories but agrees to her ex-boyfriend Ben's request that she be examined by Dr. Chan, an old high school friend of his brother's. Dr. Chan runs an amniocentesis on Claire which reveals the presence of a strange green fluid in her womb. Claire then learns that Ben had been approached by Grant and that he didn't know Dr. Chan beforehand. Refusing to have anything more to do with Ben, Claire goes to stay with the Ellachs. When she goes into labour, they bring her to the Deanston Clinic against her will and she realizes that the two of them are part of the conspiracy. Having being tipped off by Emily Bushmill, another surrogate mother, Grant rushes to the Deanston Clinic but he is too late as Claire has already given birth. The alien controlling Claire's body explains that its species does not give birth to live young but instead uses host bodies to gestate. When gestation is complete, they devour the host from the inside out, leaving only the shell as it aids in the deception. Grant is then eaten by the aliens in control of Claire and Fern.
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  • Here We Go Again!: Dr. Deanston introduces a young surrogate mother named Debbie, who has recently been implanted with an alien parasite, to the surrogacy support group in his clinic.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: This episode takes place at some point after May 2002, then one year into the future.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Claire loses trust in Ben when she learns he was in cahoots with the Agent Grant.
  • You Monster!: Whilst in labor, Claire calls Dr. Deanston a monster, knowing somehow that something's wrong with her and her baby and it somehow has to do with him.

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