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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 7 E 5 The Vessel

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The Control Voice: It is said that those who survive a brush with death see the world anew. But what if that second chance became a second life?

A cynical man survives a spaceship crash and begins to display powers and flashes of insight.

The Control Voice: Few of us have the opportunity to truly begin again... to redress the flaws that tarnish our souls. But only when we remake ourselves can we remake the world.


  • Healing Factor: Jake Worthy develops a strong healing factor due to the presence of an alien lifeform inside of him. When the space shuttle Inspire crashes on the launchpad of the Kennedy Space Center, Jake survives while the other six people onboard are killed. The second and third degree burns that he sustained in the crash heal by the time that the rescue team brings him back to the base. He later smashes one of the windows in the isolation room where he is being quarantined and a bad cut on his left hand heals within seconds. The presence of the alien altered his body chemistry so that he was able to use his body's electrical impulses to heal any injury.
  • Healing Hands: The alien lifeform in Jake Worthy's body is able to heal the stab wound suffered by a man who was mugged.
  • Heroic Suicide: A writer goes on a shuttle flight into space, but something causes the shuttle to crash on re-entry, with the writer walking away without a scratch. He later finds out that an alien Energy Being is living inside his body, having entered him in orbit, as the alien's own ship suffered damage near Earth (the alien's actions also unintentionally caused the crash). When the authorities figure it out, they capture the writer and perform tests on him. They eventually determine that his body can't handle the stress of two beings living in it for too long. From what the viewers are shown, the alien appears to give the writer the means to kill it, so that he can live. The writer explains the procedure to the scientists, who perform it, and let him go. Later, one of the scientists wonders if they really destroyed the alien instead of the writer. This is confirmed by the "writer" himself, as a flashback reveals that it was the writer who wanted to allow himself to die so that the alien could live.
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  • Phony Newscast: The Teaser consists of a news report on the return of the space shuttle Inspire to Earth. It ends in disaster as the shuttle crashes on the launchpad of the Kennedy Space Center.
  • Sharing a Body: This episode has a writer go up into space on a shuttle. However, something happens and the shuttle crashes on landing, only for the writer to walk out unharmed. He starts getting strange visions and eventually finds out that there is a non-corporeal alien in his body, whose own spacecraft was destroyed near Earth and whose attempts to enter the writer resulted in the shuttle's destruction. With the government realizing something is up, they perform experiments on the writer and find out that having two beings in one body will eventually prove fatal. The alien seemingly agrees to sacrifice itself by giving the scientists instructions on killing him to save the writer. It appears to work, and the writer is set free. However, one of the scientists then wonders if they killed the right being. This is confirmed when the "writer" goes to his son's grave and tells the "boy" that his father was very brave with a flashback revealing that it was the writer who chose to give up his life to save the alien.
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  • Sole Survivor: There are two examples. Jake Worthy is the only member of the seven person team onboard the space shuttle Inspire to survive the crash. The alien lifeform that entered Jake's body was traveling onboard a ship with his mate, his child and others when it collided with a meteor. His mate and child were killed in the collision while all of the other survivors were converted into electrical impulses and eventually vanished into the ether, leaving only the relevant alien.
  • Starfish Aliens: The alien that entered Jake Worthy's body while he was onboard the space shuttle Inspire is seemingly composed of electricity. He tells Jake that he did not believe that lifeforms such as humans could exist.
  • 20 Minutes into the Future: This episode takes place several years after 2003.

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