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This is the episode recap page for The Awesomes series. See that page for more details on the show itself.

Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot, Part 1

When Mr. Awesome retires and leaves the Earth, he allows his son Proctor to be in charge of his team, The Awesomes. But the other members, thinking he's a loser, quit, except for his friend Muscle Man. He's then forced to refill the team with formerly-rejected prospects. Meanwhile, Awesome's arch-enemy, Dr. Malocchio, on hearing that his foe is gone, escapes from jail.

Episode 2: Pilot, Part 2

Doctor Malocchio convinces the public that he's reformed, and sets out to discredit all superheroes. Meanwhile, the Awesomes continue to round out their team.

Notes: Hotwire is introduced in this episode.

Episode 3: Baby Got Backstory

When The Awesomes are accidentally trapped inside their training room, they decide to share their origin stories to pass the time. Only Gadget Girl is outside, and she finds herself dealing with an old foe.

Episode 4: No Mo' Sumo

When Sumo's parents suddenly come to take him away from the team, it is revealed that they are Ninjas running from the villains they betrayed. The Awesomes help them come in contact with an organization that can hide them, but Sumo decides to stay on the team.

Notes: A precognitive warns Proctor that a member of the team will betray them.

Episode 5: It's a Mad Mad Mad Parellel World

The team gets zapped into a universe where everything is reversed, and The Awesomes are villains who rule the world. They end up joining forces with Malocchio's good counterpart to stop them and find their way to their own Earth.

Notes: We find out that Hotwire is Malocchio's daughter.


Episode 6: Robotherapy

Malocchio convinces people that having a robot as a psychotherapist is better, and soon even The President Of The United States has one. Proctor and Gadget Girl refuse and are forced to quit the team. But the robots use the secrets learned to blackmail humanity. It takes Proctor using a "Logic Bomb" to defeat them.

Episode 7: From Here To Paternity

Muscle Man is hit with a paternity suit by aliens and forced to stand trial. He refuses to allow Proctor to defend him since they had an argument over his carelessness. Meanwhile Gadget Girl is forced to bring Sumo along as she tracks down another old villain.

Notes: This episode confirms one of the team is working for Malocchio, but not who.

Episode 8: The Pageant

Muscle Man and Prock argue over whether not Hotwire can be trusted, while Frantic partipates in a pageant.

Notes: Hotwire is confirmed as Malocchio's daughter and a traitor

Episode 9: The Super-Hero Awards, Part 1

The Awesomes go to the White House for a superhero award show where Dr. Malocchio unleashes his ultimate plan.

Episode 10: The Super-Hero Awards, Part 2

After all superheros lose their powers, the Awesomes are the only people left to take down Dr. Malocchio.Notes: This is the season 1 finale.

Season 2

Episode 11:Hotwire's Funeral

After Hotwire's funeral, Prock unintentionally convinces Malocchio's son, Malocchio Jr., to become a supervillan.

Episode 12:People vs. Perfect Man

Perfect Man is brought on trial for working with Dr. Malocchio in season 1.

Episode 13:Destination Deading

The Awesomes go to Catalina Island for Muscleman's sister's wedding.

Episode 14:Tim Goes to School

When the government mandates that all superheros under 18 need an education, the Awesomes go to school with Tim.

Episode 15:The Awesomes' Awesome Show

The Awesomes get their own TV show

Episode 16:Made Man

Impresario's mother starts a relationship with an old superhero named Made Man.

Episode 17:Secret Santa

A Christmas Special, a supervillain styled after Santa Claus is running amok.

Episode 18:Euro-Awesomes

After Prock's mentor is attacked, the Awesomes go to Europe to track the villain and meet the Euro-Awesomes.

Episode 19:Day of the Awesomes, Part 1

Giuseppe Jr.'s voice is finally healed, so he and his villainous team plan to attack The Awesomes during a holiday celebrating the team.

Episode 20:Day of the Awesomes, Part 2

The Awesomes and the Pricks have a final showdown to prevent an alien invasion. On the space station, Mr. Awesome finally cures Maloccio of being evil, but at a grave cost.

Season 3

Episode 21:

Mr. Awesome returns to Earth to be evil. Ocean World gets attacked by dolphins, and go to visit Sea Man to see if he can help.

Episode 22:Villain-Tine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, and most people have plans, but villains show up to wreak havoc.

Episode 23:Les Miserawesomes

The Awesomes go to France to repair it, but the entire town gets drugged into parodying Les Misérables.

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