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  • In a flashback, we see Prock and Muscleman as children trying to roleplay a superhero adventure and be like their fathers. When Muscleman accidentally breaks something in The Awesomes' gallery, Prock tries to take the fall for Muscleman. Sure it doesn't work, but the fact that Prock is willing to do that shows how much he cares for Muscleman.
  • Episode 9: despite having many good reasons to beat himself up over letting his infatuation with Hotwire completely blind him to the truth and accidentally causing the other superheroes to lose their powers, the rest of the team still stand by Prock. They might not always get along with each other, but the new Awesomes definitely are True Companions through and through.
    • The season finale is full of heartwarming moments like Muscleman and Prock reconciling, Gadget Gal assuring Prock that Captain Awesome had his flaws too, and Captain Awesome finally showing pride in his son's accomplishments as a superhero.
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  • Concierge becoming an official Awesome.
  • Prock and Hotwire Becoming an official couple after Jaclyn dumps Prock in "Euro-Awesomes"
    • Any scene with the two in the following episode.
  • Perfect Man telling Hotwire that Prock is a better leader than his dad was.
    • IN the same ep he both calls the Awesomes the first friends he's ever had and the only family he's ever known.
  • Perfect Man rebuffing Mr.Awesome's questions about the team.
  • Kid Perfect Man and his mother.
  • Perfect Man, after being unfrozen, telling Prock how happy he is that Prock let him into The Awesomes when he had no reason to and gave him the family he never had. Followed up by Prock telling Perfect Man that their brothers. The two then tearfully share a hug.
    • The ending of Season 3 The Awesomes in Italy: Prock playing with his baby daughter, the Malocchio's reunited with Giuseppe free from the Serum, and Mr.Awesome giving his son a heartfelt congratulations.

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