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A full list of of works set in The Arknverse can be found here and here. Among them are:

The War Chronicles

  • The Knight Shift. The experiences of a young amnesiac who, after getting into a car accident with his friends, tries to seek help in an abandoned house — only to find himself trapped and assaulted by mysterious forces. Complete.
  • No More Truths. A blog detailing the adventures of Cedric Kharon, a being created by the Hethe, on a quest meant to bring an end to the Arkn-Dekn war. Inactive as of November 2016.
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  • Of Determination and Crusades (a.k.a. MedBoy123). The memoirs of Raphael, detailing his training and experiences in the War. Inactive as of December 2016.

The Winter Saga

  • acryfromwinter. The first, and, primary, work in the Winterverse storyline (and one of the main works in the Arknthology Saga). This vlog revolves around a troubled young man named Alex Winter who, after being put on medication by Dr. Ellis, finds his world overcome by strange events mind-bending phenomena. He comes to discover that not only he, but his entire family, is linked to the Arkn-Dekn war in unexpected and troubling ways.

    Following a brief hiatus in the spring of 2016, the series underwent a Time Skip. Alex is now a monster hunter, dispatching Lurkers and Sethe and saving human lives — until a sinister clan of supernatural beings known as The Associates begin to involve themselves in his life.
    • Wayward_Winter. The follow-up to acryfromwinter, this vlog is set after after Uriel escapes from the Infernous, and revolves mainly around Alex Winter discovering his destiny as an Arknza — and all that that entails. (This channel is now inactive, as the story is being continued on the main acryfromwinter channel.)
  • Michael's Camera. The first installment in the Arknthology storyline, this series depicts the video logs of another young patient of Ellis who discovers that is an "open vessel" — one that many beings on different sides of the War wish to use. The plot ties into The Knight Shift, so it is recommended that viewers watch the first half of that series prior to starting this one. Complete.
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  • Medboy789. Described by the creator as a different take on the formula started in acryfromwinter, Medboy789 follows yet another of Ellis's patients — this one a young man named Toby who is participating in a medication trial. While vlogging about the effects of the new pills, he begins to experience odd dreams and has encounters with a mysterious unseen creature. Things begin to escalate, and Toby is forced to face his personal demons, literally and figuratively. Complete.
  • L. Jameson. A series about a college student who, upon encountering life-altering sleeping problems, is referred to Dr. Ellis and begins his track on medication. The vlog and blog detail the progression of her sleeping habits, and chronicle her experiences with the prescribed medication. The blog portion of the series can be found here. Complete.
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  • MedBoy456 (additional unlisted episodes listed here). This bizarre vlog follows a young man as he falls under the influence of a terrifying entity that has haunted him since childhood. Cancelled December 2016.

The Reality Branch

  • Knight Panes. Documents a man named Alex Knight who finds himself targeted by a strange being which controls much of his life. Complete.
  • liquidbones. .Reality's personal vlog. Described by its creators as "a Lynchian wet dream". Cancelled.
  • TheSkysAreRed A.k.a. TheParanormalXPhenomenon. A kid named Chris Arbore has his life taken over by bizarre phenomena, including a strange being known as "Sir Glitch". Also has a Twitter account.

The Mayhem Compendium

  • The Writings of Raziel. The personal journal of Raziel, one of the first four Arkn created. This blog presents Raziel's personal reflections on own life, as well as his musings on Arkn society, war, and the creation of Magick (among other things). Complete.
  • Book of the Mother. The personal memoirs of the Arknangel Ambriel, recalling the events leading up to her departure from the Golden City (the Arkn capital). The blog follows Ambriel's education in the Golden City as she discovers the secret history of corruption in the capital, her lineage, and her destiny. Complete.

The Timeless Narrative

  • EntriesFromTheRift. Narrated by a man named Gareth Henson, an inhabitant within a location known as The Rift. The series follows his discoveries and analysis of his apparent prison — and whether or not there is a way for him to escape. Inactive.

The Hybrid Anthology

  • MyDarkestSecret a vlog series about a man trying to seek mental help due to the voices he has been hearing within his head. He attempts to film his updates whilst trying to get help from his friend, Riley. However, he may not be as crazy as he might think... A playlist can be found on the wiki page. Complete.
  • Riley Sturza. The personal vlog of Riley Sturza: a young YuGiOh enthusiast and friend of Elliot Kenneth (and yet another duplicate of Tobey Kestler), who is dealing with some supernatural issues of his own. Complete.

The Mirrorverse

  • Starving4Truth. The personal vlog of yet another version of Alex Winter. This Alex is a cold, cynical, and possibly murderous man — and, like his counterparts, he seems to be experiencing strange, inexplicable phenomena. Complete.
  • awalkinthepark. Yet another tie-in to "handprints". A young man named Tony (who appears to be yet another version of Alex Winter) investigates a popular new age religion known as "Arknism", and its possible ties to an unsolved local murder — which he believes to be the work of The Hooks Killer. Complete.


  • Arknthology Stories. A series of short stories relaying important events in the history of the Arkn and the Dekn. Remade from the original version.

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