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All of the human characters of The Arknverse have countless variations of themselves existing throughout the timelines of the .Reality. A few of them have been introduced.

  • Multiple "versions" of Alex Winter are introduced over the course of ACFW. The Alex Winter we follow at the start of ACFW represents Timeline A Alex: a patient of Dr. Ellis, and a survivor of the Winter Family Massacre. The Alex Winter of Timeline B was responsible for the Winter Family Massacre (at age 7), and is incarcerated and on Death Row. Timeline B.2 Alex is an internet reviewer who uncovers a few things involving the Arkn and Lurkers. In the episode "The Court of 3 Kings", it's revealed that all the Alexes we've met were really Uriel, living out the lives of some of his human counterparts in the Infernous as part of his punishment. However, each of these individuals does exist within .Reality; the Infernous version of Alex A directly mirrors "Alex Prime": the Alex Winter we meet in Wayward_Winter, with whom Uriel eventually merges.
    • The vlog Starving4Truth introduces us to yet another version of Alex Winter — this one a Sociopath who calls himself "Tony" and was acquitted of murdering his family (but hinted to actually be responsible for their deaths, due to Demonic Possession).
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    • Another short-lived vlog from the Mirrorverse, awalkinthepark, involves yet another version of Alex who investigates the New Age religion of "Arknism" and gets tangled up in the crimes of The Hooks Killer.
    • Every version of Alex qualifies as an Alternate Self of King Uriel: Alex is .Reality's "interpretation" of Uriel as a data form human, generated when the Arkn King threw himself into one of the .Reality engines.
  • Since the first humans were directly patterned after specific Arkn (and that the same applies to the recreations of those humans who exist in .Reality), nearly every human in .Reality is the Alternate Self of an Arkn — hence why the Debigrath Effectnote  can cause them to receive the memories of their Arkn "counterparts" (and why Michaelis is identified as a potential "replacement" for Michael Knight).
  • Season 1 of Michael's Camera opens shortly after Michael Knight shifts into an offshoot of Timeline A (via .relapse), replacing a version of himself who was under house arrest and having trouble with Lurkers (and implied to have been killed by a Lurker or Sethe). Unfortunately, Michael doesn't know how to deal with Lurkers any better than his predecessor, and his next encounter ends just as badly — resulting in the timeline crashing and resetting.
    • Season 2 opens with an alternate version of Michael, who seems to be experiencing the same things Michael Knight went through early in Season 1...right before Michael Knight replaces him via the Debigrath Effect.
    • While .Hopping (see below), Michael Knight also replaces several alternate versions of himself. In most cases, his "other self" is simply wearing a different tee-shirt (or no shirt, in the case of one Michael). However, he briefly ends up holed up in one timeline where he and Alex Winter are siblings. Michaelis later confirms that in several timelines, Michael and Alex Winter are brothers — and that in most of those timelines (including his own), they have a sister named Elizabeth. When Michaelis first enters Michael Knight's timeline, he's surprised to find that his human brother is still alive. Not to mention overwhelmed after hearing Alex's voice over the phone.
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    • Michaelis himself is a special "fake" version of Michael Knight. He was created by a glitch that was caused when King Uriel threw himself into one of the .Reality cores.
    • While trapped in a "house" in Humanity's Infernous, Azrael meets several deceased Michaels from various timelines. "Tour Guide Michael" (who shows Azrael around their "cell") is a pedophile who dresses in a white turtleneck and sunglasses; "Spooky Michael" is a silent, sinister figure in a rabbit mask who steals milk from the refrigerator; two other versions of Michael also appear briefly — one sitting on the toilet (dressed in a tacky polyester shirt), and another in the garage who wears blood-splattered clothes and wields a baseball bat. (It turns out that the Carver was killing various versions of Michael to try to find the most powerful one.)
  • In an interesting variation, Tobit and Tobias Kestler are twin brothers born in different timelines.note  Tobit went on to fuse with Raphael and become an Arknza, while Tobias is a human prophet.
    • MedBoy456 introduces us to yet another version of Toby Kestler, a young man named Cain who happens to be the Guarded Human of the mad Arkn Gynesis. (This later becomes a minor plot point in Season 2 of MedBoy789: Raphael discovers that someone is killing off alternate versions of Tobias, and immediately suspects that it's one of Toby's duplicates — and that Cain is the culprit, due to his connection with Gynesis. The guilty party is later revealed to be Elias Exodus.)
  • in his own timeline, Michaelis was in a relationship with a guy named Marc — who, as confirmed in "(10 Unforgivable" (Solar's Crimson) and a chapter of Arknthology Stories, was an alternate version of Gabriel Marcus Holden.

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