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Recap / Brennus

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Due to the very large amount of chapters and the Brennus Files, it is easier to recap by arcs than chapters. Be warned that the spoilers of one arc can become the instigator of another, so most spoilers will be unmarked past the arc they are revealed.

  1. B001: First Runnote 
  2. B002: Rising Stars
  3. B003: Forbidden Garden
  4. B004: Introduction to Metahuman Studies
  5. B005: An Ember of Hope: Little Giants
  6. B006: Big Game Hunt
  7. B007: Hastur, Shrouded in Dread
  8. B008: Vra
  9. B009: Family Matters
  10. B010: Falling Hearts
  11. B011: Monkey Family
  12. B012: Born At Sleep
  13. B013: Call Of The Sleeper
  14. B014: Breaking Point


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