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  • Acting for Two: In a franchise where alternate selves proliferate and possession is commonplace, expect this to happen quite a bit.
    • DeathlyLogic portrays Prince Ellpagg, Michael Knight (and all the versions of him seen in the Infernous), Azrael Michaelis Winter, Persophelus Crow, Persophelus Redgrave, Xerex Storn, Malek's Wrath fragment (during the possession scenes in "The War With No Sides") and The Carver. He also plays King Gilgamesh in the Season 1 finale of Solar's Crimson. Whew.
    • FeralWasteland plays Toby Kestler, Tobit Kestler, Raphael (as well as Raphael’s converged form, Raphael Tobit Kestler), Cain (MedBoy456), Persophelus Vine, and Gynesis. He’s also played Abaddon, Drakulah, and Malek’s Gluttony fragment (on the occasions when Toby is possessed by those entities).
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    • Type0Negative plays King Uriel, Alex Winter (and his counterparts in multiple timelines), Drakulah, and Malek’s Lust, Gluttony and Wrath fragments.
    • Before The Mayhem Theory was deleted, ThePremierArbiter played both Gabriel Holden and Raziel, their converged form Raziel Gabriel Holden, Azazel (on occasion), and Malek's Pride fragment.
    • DeerJesus plays Matt (Toby’s drug dealer), Asmodeus, Elliot Kenneth/Elias Exodus, and Tum’to.
    • Zayne Vaughn plays The Carver, Luke Anton, and Lazarus Del'phar.
    • Josie H. plays Sarah Kestler and Seraphina.
  • Based on a Dream: DeathlyLogic stated that The Carver's Hethian appearance (and his brutal garage beatdown of Azrael) was inspired by a nightmare about a demonic-looking creature that beat him within an inch of his life, then told him not to tell anyone about it because it was "God".
  • Corpsing: Given that many of the actors are rather goofy people in real life (and much of the dialogue in the vlogs is improvised), this happens quite a bit.
    • In “Revelations” (MedBoy789), FeralWasteland barely manages to contain his amusement during Raph and Asmodeus's interactions. It’s most obvious during the “King of Burgers” scene and when Asmodeus is informing Raphael of his parentage — and “demonstrates” with lewd finger gestures.
    • In "The Knight Shift: End Times", DL can barely hold in his laughter during the orange funeral.
  • Creative Differences: As is often the case in loosely-connected internet communities, the Arknverse has had its share of problems since its inception.
    • Type0Negative and Arin M. both left the franchise at the end of Act II of the Arknthology over unrelated personal conflicts with DeathlyLogic and Type0Negative, abandoning their respective vlogs and characters (with Type0Negative remarking, "I don't fucking care" when a viewer asked what would happen to his characters). T0N returned roughly a month later, after he and DL patched up their friendship; the plot of Season 3 of ACFW was rebooted, and the series continued as usual.
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    • Both Type0Negative and FeralWasteland left in late 2016 due to disputes over the handling of certain plot elements and characters. Both creators felt that DeathlyLogic had too much creative control, and was being inflexible with his handling of the material. (Among other things, they were displeased with his shockingly cruel portrayal of Gilgamesh — which he refused to alter — and his refusal to accept constructive criticism.) When the three eventually briefly reconciled several months later, the Arknza Civil War Plot Arc (which had been in planning for nearly a year) had unfortunately already been scrapped. The trio worked together only a few months before Type0Negative and FeralWasteland both severed ties with DeathlyLogic and the community again — canceling ACFW and MedBoy789.
      • In late 2016, Solar's Crimson, ACFW, and l3rkingwond3rland resumed production...only for all three to be cancelled again shortly thereafter. DeathlyLogic tried to resume SC again in December 2017, but eventually gave up (as he no longer had the time to work on it). SC was finally completed a year later...after MedBoy789 unexpectedly wrapped independently, with the posting of its final episode.
  • Flip-Flop of God: DeathlyLogic waffled on whether Ellpagg was a true Arknangel (right up until the conclusion of the Arknthology, when it was confirmed that he indeed was one).
  • I Am Not Spock: All of the actors involved in the Arknthology have moved onto other projects; because of this, (and various inner-cast drama) they prefer not to be asked about their past work. This is especially true of Zayne Vaugh, who (due to wanting to focus on his music career) will automatically block anyone who asks him about The Carver on social media.
  • Leitmotif: The Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” plays during the opening scene of “The Knight” (the first full episode of ''The Knight Shift'") while Knight and his "friends" are driving down the road to the Infernous to begin Ellpagg's imprisonment. Since then, the song has appeared numerous times when a plot arc recalls Ellpagg's connection to The Carver and his suffering in the Infernous.
  • Lost Episode: As the masterpost shows, a number of works have been lost over time, either partially or in full.
    • For reasons that are...disputed...the YouTube channel for The Knight Shift was deleted in March of 2019. While most of the videos were salvaged, the first "trailer episode" was lost.
    • For various personal reasons, DeathlyLogic also opted to unlist Solar's Crimson several weeks later. While the videos are available for viewing elsewhere, DL has stated that he wishes to distance himself from his old work and would rather fans not share or repost them.
    • Several notable vlog episodes that were removed from the canon list:
      • Three early installments of Solar's Crimson — one in which Xerex possesses Michaelis to reveal his M.O., a second that has Xerex posing as Michaelis to take over his vlog, and a third in which Michaelis's timeline begins undergoing its apocalypse — were deleted several weeks after being uploaded, because DeathlyLogic was displeased with the quality of his acting and wanted to "tweak" the plot of the series. (Interestingly, the information revealed about Xerex in the videos is still considered canon, and a GIF taken from one of them is used as the header image for Xerex's wiki page.)
      • Two additional episodes were also removed: the Season 1 epilogue (in which Azrael attempts to put "that Arknza business" behind him for a normal human life in .Reality — only to wake up and find the magic sigil The Carver carved into his chest bleeding heavily), and the original Season 2 premier (posted February 28, 2017), which revealed that Azrael's "normal" life had completely unraveled (and ended with Cedric possessing him to deliver a message).
    • "A Message To the King", a teaser video for The Knight Shift: End Times and the Civil War arc (featuring Ellpagg sending Uriel a threatening messagenote  and tearing off his shirt, revealing the corruption spreading through him in the form of blacked veins and red eyes).note  The video was deleted after the series was cancelled (the first time). Only a GIF of the climactic scene remains.
    • "Poking at a Lion", an episode of MedBoy789 in which Raphael meets with Gilgamesh, Asmodeus and the Carver in a hotel room (and decides that his heroic efforts are pointless) was removed nearly a year after it was uploaded. FeralWasteland hated the episode, as he disliked his performance under DeathlyLogic's direction (claiming it felt "out of character" and "forced").
    • Arknthology Stories, a blog created by DeathlyLogic that contained short stories furthering the Arknthology, was deleted for numerous reasons, including Creator Backlash and disagreements with other creators over various story elements (which DeathlyLogic stated took the enjoyment out of working on it). The blog was later re-created, with most of the old entries re-posted (and a few new ones added).
    • Nearly all of the content related to the Timeless storyline was deleted when the storyline's original creator left the franchise. Said creator intended for his work to be decanonized; his co-creators in the community refused to do so, however, as it would have destroyed a number of key plot threads (instead settling for decanonizing the remaining works in the storyline, while leaving the "rules" established by it intact).
    • The complete series of The Mayhem Theory (including the pivotal Crossover episode with Michael's Camera where Michael tries to kill Gabriel Holden) was deleted by ThePremierArbiter in early 2017 for personal reasons. The wiki pages concerning the series were later removed as well (by his request). However, he has stated that the events of the series are still canon to the Arknverse, and he hopes to one day finish Raziel's story in some form.
    • The videos of handprintsofthedead were all set to Private in the summer of 2017, as DeathlyLogic said the series was "an uncomfortable reminder" of the failed friendship between himself and FeralWasteland. Several months later, the entire series was taken down due to a copyright strike from YouTube. (However, DeathlyLogic has stated that he plans to re-upload the series at some point, though he no longer considers it canon to the Arkn Mythos.)
  • Orphaned Series: It would be easier to list the series that haven't been abandoned or discontinued.
    • While the vlog series ACryFromWinter was discontinued, T0N has attempted to continue Alex Winter's adventures through other mediums, including an audio series and various blogs.
  • The Other Darrin: The actress who portrays Sarah Kestler in the early episodes of ACryFromWinter is petite and waife-like, with long, dark hair. The Sarah we meet in Wayward_Winter, by contrast, is tall, stocky, and has short, bleached-blonde hair. Justified, as she’s actually Sarah’s counterpart from a parallel timeline; though it hasn’t been seen with any of the other characters, it’s entirely possible that her Alternate Self would have a different appearance. Also because the first version of Sarah was part of Uriel's Infernous illusion.
  • Rewrite: In “The letter” episode of MC, Ellpagg states that he needs to use the bodies of others because his actual body was destroyed when he entered the Infernous. In later material, however, it becomes clear that Ellpagg's physical body is very much intact (and that he simply enjoys using the vessels of others to do his dirty work).
    • During that same conversation, Ellpagg mentions that guardian Arkn and their charges "swap vessels" when the former takes control of the latter. This never comes up again, and later episodes (as well as other vlogs) demonstrate that this is clearly not how Arkn possession works. (Since humans — aside from Tobias — are pure data, it's implied to be closer to a new program being "downloaded".)
    • Orphaned Reference: Just ignore the part of "The Quest" (No More Truths) where Az'uh'ra'el refers to himself as "Xerex Storn", please. It's a leftover from a scrapped subplot in which Az'uh'ra'el and Xerex were one and the same.
    • For that matter, the very first chapter of NMT has Cedric allegedly composing said memoir on his deathbed; at the conclusion of the Arknthology, Cedric becomes a full Hethe and moves on to Universe X to become part of its new pantheon.
    • Despite what Candlewalkerstudio’s blogs proclaimed, Gilgamesh and Kryatha were never married.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: While filming the final act of The Knight Shift, DeathlyLogic's family moved out of the house that he used as the setting for the series. He and Zayne decided to make use of this by incorporating a "fear hallucination" sequence with a hallway full of packing boxes (symbolizing The Carver's fear of being overthrown and displaced), and having Knight find all the rooms in the House empty (signifying that the Infernous has been "emptied" of The Carver's presence after his death).
    • In one episode of Solar's Crimson, Michaelis kicks a door frame in a fit of anger; he howls in pain and drops to the floor, and spends the rest of the scene writhing in agony in the fetal position. DeathlyLogic actually broke his foot when he kicked the door frame, and his reaction was completely genuine; rather than re-shoot the scene, he and Zayne (who was operating the camera) decided to leave it in, as it was not only hilarious, but suited the pathetic nature of Michaelis's character at the time.
    • As with The Knight Shift, one of the final episodes of MedBoy789 made use of FeralWasteland's family's move by having Carver and co. show up and take control of Tobias's house, obliterating most of his belongings (offscreen, of course); this, in turn, prompts Delphar to rescue Tobias by transporting him to a brand-new house between timelines.
    • DeathlyLogic began working at a doughnut shop around the time Solar's Crimson started filming. This resulted in Azrael also getting a job at a doughnut shop (explaining why he was sometimes wearing a work uniform in the episodes, and why he had a seemingly unlimited supply of doughnuts).
    • Elias Exodus was Killed Off for Real and his father Asmodeus were Put on a Bus in "The Last Firstborn" (MedBoy789) due to the actor who portrayed both characters joining the military (thought both briefly returned).
  • Series Continuity Error: In one episode of Michael's Camera, Michaelis states that he is fused with Xerex Storn, the “Prince of the Infernous”. That title belongs to Clubs, not Xerex.
  • Take That!: The description for the (now deleted) Medboy789 episode "Poking at a Lion" was a stab at DeathlyLogic (FeralWasteland was feuding with him at the time, and had intended for the video to be the final installment of the series).
    "Filmed some time ago during my brief visit with Gilgamesh. Seems his ego got the better of him over time. He chose a different path, and in the process, gave up something really good in the end in exchange for power. I pity him, really."
  • Talking to Himself: Happens in “Beating the dead horse” after Ellpagg possesses Michael, with the two conversing from within his body (and DL voicing both characters).
    • In the beginning of “The War with no sides”, after Ellpagg takes over Azrael’s vessel to use as a Shade, the two briefly separate and appear side by side in the same room, and Ellpagg speaks to Azrael face-to-face (with DL once again playing both characters).
    • In “The Court of 3 Kings” (ACFW), Uriel and Malek (both of whom are played by Type0Negative) converse from within the same vessel, talking aloud in turns.
    • The same thing happens in “An Obligated Ascent” (MedBoy789), when Toby’s vessel is taken over by both Abaddon and Drakulah.
  • Un-Cancelled: acryfromwinter was cancelled halfway through Season 2, after Type0Negative and DeathlyLogic had a personal falling out. The two reconciled, however, and Type0Negative went on to complete acryfromwinter before starting the spinoff Wayward_Winter. In December of 2016, however, the two once again fell out, leading Wayward_Winter to be cancelled.
    • As of December 2017, both ACFW and Solar's Crimson were revived again, with the intention of doing a non-Arknthology crossover story arc. Said arc was later cancelled, as the two creators found it too time consuming to work on a vlog series together while living half a country apart.
  • Word of God: A lot of information pertinent to the characters of The Arknverse was only revealed through the creators themselve:
    • The true nature of the Dragon Cane and the reason behind its effects on Knight were initially on DeathlyLogic’s blog after a viewer questioned him about it.
    • Raphael’s armor being forged from the souls of slain Dekn.
    • Azrael's false memories regarding the death of his family (and the reason behind them).
    • Ellpagg giving Michaelis the original Edgar Kharon's memories — and Michaelis believing he's Edgar's reincarnation. (Anyone watching the series would be convinced that he was simply pretending to be Edgar to make himself look more badass.)
    • The original Azrael being killed by The Carver offscreen. (His demise is hinted at in other sources, but the cause is never stated outright.)

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