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Recap / The A Team S 3 E 3 The Bend In The River Part II

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The team is captured and brought to a camp in the wilderness, where they are reunited with Brain Lefcourt. They escape from Doyle's clutches but Brian won't leave until he's found the lost city of Del Rio. Meanwhile, Hannibal knows their escape was actually allowed, in hopes they would lead Doyle to the lost city. They rebuild the city's ancient defenses and use them to fight off Doyle and his goons. They force him to show them what he's doing past the bend in the river... building a nuclear power plant for a group of Nazi diehards called The New Reich!


This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Argentina Is Nazi Land: Peru, in this case. A Nazi war criminal named Ritterman escaped to Peru after the fall of the Third Reich, and is trying to build up a force to start World War III.
  • City of Gold: The lost city of Del Rio is supposedly this. It turns out there's not really any gold or jewels there, though. Brian points out that the city itself is a great and valuable treasure; as Brian says, normally an archaeological dig site would be lucky to have enough intact artifacts in it to count on more than one hand, but Del Rio is full of them.
  • Double Agent: Bobbi Cardina, after turning the team over to Doyle in the previous episode's Cliffhanger ending, turns around and helps them escape in the opening minutes of this episode. Turns out she was loyal to El Cajón, but never to Doyle.
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  • Enemy Mine: Even the A-Team can't take on an entire army, so they recruit some help - El Cajón and his river pirates, who are all too happy to help once they realize the people they've been working for were secretly Those Wacky Nazis. At the end, El Cajón promises to turn over a new leaf and become a legitimate riverboat captain instead of a pirate.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: El Cajón has no problem sinking boats and capturing men and women to sell into slavery. Then he discovers that the people he's been working for are actually Nazi diehards, and he pulls an instant Heel–Face Turn, and promises to lend his crew to the cause. Lampshaded by Face.
    El Cajón: To think all along I was working for these Nazi pigs!
    Face: Yeah, it's not nearly the same as sinking peoples' boats and robbing them for money and fun, is it?
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  • Foreign Cuss Word: One of Doyle's minions calls Hannibal a pendejo.note 
  • The Gadfly: Face ends up fighting the guards by himself after Hannibal's escape plan goes bad. Immediately afterward, Murdock starts in with his gag of being an art film auteur, insisting that Face isn't emoting properly. He even swings a stick at Face to show how he should have done it. When Face snaps and grabs the stick away, Murdock just smirks and says that that's more like it.
  • Give Away the Bride: Perhaps due to his role as Team Dad, Hannibal ends up giving Tawnia away.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: Doyle does this twice. First he tells El Cajón that he wants Bobbi for himself. He also says that he wants to take Tawnya.
  • Might Makes Right: Apparently the people of Del Rio believed this. They even chose their kings by contests of strength. It ends up being the key to finding the lost city. The map to the city is hidden underneath a giant stone carving of their guardian deity, Tchapote, which must be pushed aside to find the map.
  • Put on a Bus: This episode marks Tawnya's last appearance. She accepts that she doesn't really belong with the A-Team, gets married to her fiancee Brian, and lives Happily Ever After.
  • Sick Captive Scam: Hannibal tries to get the guards to let them out, and starts out with "my friend over there looks a little sick". Subverted as his actual plan is to provoke the guards into opening the door for a fist fight. The next words out of his mouth are "I think it's because he's been looking at your pig face for too long."
  • Stomach of Holding: As in the last episode, Little John's brother-in-law demands a St. Christopher medal - Tawnya's this time - in exchange for going with them. As before, he swallows it to keep it safe. He then gives an eye to B.A.'s jewelry, prompting B.A. to shout at him to not even think about it.
  • Super Strength: B.A. performs a ridiculous feat of strength in this episode, pushing aside a giant stone head over twice his own height. Even assuming that it was hollow or equipped with some sort of ancient roller system, since it was designed to be moved after all, it still must way somewhere in the way of several dozen tons.
  • Those Wacky Nazis: The villains of the whole thing are a group of Nazi diehards called The New Reich.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter: Bobbi Cardina finally reveals the reason why El Cajón lets her go past in the bend in the river. She's his daughter.
    Face: Explain that to me, Hannibal. How could something like that... produce something like this?