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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 79 The Process

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Airdate: Monday, July 7, 2003

Sender: Em

A viewer known only as "Em" wants to know more about the "prosess" of answering an e-mail.

Strong Bad: "Em"? What's that stand for? Emerson? (beat) Embrodak? (beat) Emtarkanderundersgunderson? Boy, you have some stupid and terrible names. Anyways... Show you the process, eh, Em? Sure, I can do dat, but I should warn you, it may spoil the magic for some of you out there. I strongly urge both the faint of heart and the faint of butt to leave the room at this time.

Strong Bad starts his e-mails with "a little song that somehow involves the word email", before bringing up the e-mail to be read, "pointing out any and all spelling or grammatical errors along the way". After making fun of the sender's name, Strong Bad gets to answering, opening with "Well, whoever, something something something" or "Something something, eh whoever?" And while Strong Bad is typing, the viewer can "usually click on certain words to make little pictures of dumb stuff pop up".

Next, Strong Bad cuts to some other scene, such as the Field, where The Cheat may pop up and where Strong Bad interacts with other characters... in this case, Bubs. Bubs wants them to get to the part where he does something to impress "all my lady fans", like tear off his shirt and start flexing, or waterski on a pair of "discount alligators". Strong Bad replies that neither of those things regularly happens on Strong Bad Email, but he does get The Cheat to give Bubs a hotfoot ("Ooh, hot mama!") and trick him into stepping on a beehive ("Yeow! Hot bees!")


We then cut back to the Compy, where Strong Bad "either wraps things up or winds things down, depending on how funny the last part is". Having shown Em how to answer e-mails "like a true Strong Bad", Strong Bad adds that he likes to "mutter something under my breath... about some girl named Beth" right before the Paper comes down. After a brief pause, he then remarks how if you wait long enough at the end, sometimes something else happens.

Homestar: You mean like me showing up to deliver a classic line?
Strong Bad: No, I mean like me throwing a discount brick at you! (throws a half-brick at Homestar, who just dodges)
Homestar: (enlightened) Ohhh, discount briiick...




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