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Recap / NCISS 03 E 03

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Directed by William Webb

Written by Jeffrey A Kirkpatrick, John C Kelley, Laurence Walsh, & Christopher Silber

Season 3, Episode 3

Mind Games

Gibbs again questions a condemned serial killer whom he arrested 10 years before. The killer, three days from execution, has offered to reveal the locations of the bodies if he gets to talk with Gibbs. The gang solve that and much more.

Tropes in this Episode:

  • Copycat Killer: On Boone's dumping grounds, Team Gibbs finds a body dead for less than a week. The imprisoned Boone's lawyer had been carrying on the Georgetown Killer's legacy to attempt a stay of execution.
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  • Dope Slap: Gibbs slaps Tony for letting Cassidy get to him. Tony slaps McGee for ignoring Abby.
  • I Know You're Watching Me: The interrogation room camera shows Kyle Boone staring at the observation mirror. As soon as Gibbs is viewing the feed from the bullpen plasma, Boone tilts his head toward the camera. Happens again when Gibbs is in the observation room, and they have a staring contest.
  • Matricide: Boone's first kill was his own mother.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Paula Cassidy is caught by Boone's attorney, who binds her hands behind her back. The scene cuts away as he menaces her with a knife. At the end of the episode we learn that she killed him in the ensuing fight.
  • Serial Killer: Kyle Thomas Boone killed over 20 women. Popped up on NCIS' radar when he killed a Navy petty officer.
  • Silver Fox: Abby describes Gibbs as this to try and get McGee's attention.
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  • Son of a Whore: His mother was a prostitute who left when he was 12. The reason for her departure was that he actually killed her.
  • Theme Serial Killer: He killed women and cut out their tongues.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Boone has two: first, a minor one, when Gibbs "shoots" him with an unloaded gun instead of actually killing him in cold blood. The second is his real breakdown. It happens when he uses one last psychological attack to rattle Gibbs and put a stay of his execution. It has to do with an agent working under Gibbs (Cassidy) who Boone has his lawyer/protege abduct, torture, and kill. The breakdown at the end of the exchange:
    Boone: Hey, do you think she screamed, when he cut out her tongue, Jethro?
    Gibbs: I don't know. Why don't you ask her yourself?
    *cue Agent Cassidy walking into the room and Boone's giant grin melting into shock*
    Cassidy: I'm afraid your lawyer's going to miss your execution tomorrow.
    Tony: He's kinda dead.
    Gibbs: Enjoy hell.
    Boone: *insert breakdown and screaming here*

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