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YMMV / NCISS 03 E 03

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  • Complete Monster: Kyle Thomas Boone was a Serial Killer responsible for over 20 deaths. When he was twelve years old, he murdered his mother, and later devoted himself to starting a career in killing women. He would torture them to death, carve a heart shape in their backs, and would often take their tongues as trophies; he claimed these tongues were his "favorite sexual organs". When he was finally sentenced to be executed by the electric chair, Boone attempted to stay his execution and formulated a plan that involved setting up his lawyer Adam O'Neill as a copycat killer; Adam then kidnapped Agent Cassidy and attempted to torture her to death, though he failed. Boone was also convinced to take the families of his victims to the sites where their loved ones were disposed of. He took them all the way to a Virginia farm, only to dampen their hopes by showing that there was nothing in the barn other than the severed tongues of his victims.

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