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Recap / My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW) Issue 30 to 31

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Ponyville Days

Story by Christina Rice, Art by Agnes Garbowska

Ponyville Days is quickly approaching, celebrating the founding of the town. Twilight, however, has been called away to Canterlot but has left detailed planning of the events with the Mayor. As the celebration starts, the theme of the celebration is revealed; to celebrate the first building in Ponyville, and name the youngest member of that original family the princess of the festival. AJ thinks this is Apple Bloom since the Apples founded the town, but she is stopped by Diamond Tiara, who insists that it was Stinkin' Rich's first store (located on the current site of Carousel Boutique) that should qualify.

An argument erupts, and soon various townsfolk are taking sides, led primarily between AJ, insisting on the Apple family heritage, and Rarity, who supports the Stinkin' Rich side since her boutique would be a tourist spot. The two sides set off to prepare for all-out war with the other. Apple Bloom meets with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, and the two give her the confidence to talk AJ out of this. However, by the time she returns to town, the initial "hostilities" have just begun: the Apple side launching a barrage of apple pies, while the Stickin' Rich side tries to force the others into clothes commemorating the period. Apple Bloom rushes to the train station knowing Twilight is due back, and brings her to the town.


Twilight uses her magic to force everyone to stop and tells everyone that it takes all types to found the town — but no one is having that. The two sides return to their bases, preparing to secede their part of the town from the other. Twilight, Spike, Apple Bloom, the Mayor, and Fluttershy wonder what they are going to do when a letter from Princess Celestia arrives, saying that she and a number of other Canterlot citizens are coming to Ponyville to enjoy their festival. Panic ensues.

Twilight takes a breather and decides to visit all her friends and other leading citizens of Ponyville, convincing them to focus on just one particular aspect that they are keen on to make the visitors feel welcome. Assured that staying focused on task will prevent any in-fighting, she goes to help welcome visitors as they arrive, but a new problem soon develops - the sheer volume of visitors overwhelms each of the events on their own, and with each only focused on their specific interest, they all turn to Twilight to help. Twilight nearly breaks out into a fit, but calms herself and begs everypony to simply help everyone else out as best they can to make their visitors happy. This manages to work, and even AJ and Rarity manage to put aside their differences as they come up with a novel solution for all the dress material to be made into makeshift tents for the visitors.


As Ponyville Days draws to a close, Twilight officially closes the ceremony, but this time making sure that both the first residential building on Ponyville (AJ's farm) and the first commercial building (where Rarity's store now stands) are both properly recognized, helping to settle the original matter once and for all.

These issues provide examples of:

  • Call-Back: The founding of Ponyville as stated by Granny Smith from "Family Appreciation Day" creates a conflict of whether the Apples or Filthy Rich/Diamond Tiara's family truly started the town.
  • Civil War: End up devolving into this after some pranks from Applejack and Rarity go a bit too far. Twilight manages to get them to settle down though it takes awhile for everyone to make up.
  • Conflict Ball: Twilight is apparently the only thing stopping Ponyville from going to war with itself at the slightest provocation.
  • Deus Exit Machina: Twilight leaves Ponyville for vague reasons at the start of the issue, and without her to be a mediator and provide factchecking, Ponyville spirals into chaos. Once she returns, she reveals the reason for her trip - to raise interest in the festival among the Canterlot population.
  • Reality Ensues: Twilight tries to keep the event going and compromises with the townponies to help with certain task they feel they can do by themselves. But it winds up backfiring as the tourists are too much to handle with not enough resources to go around without additional help. Once the townponies see that even Twilight can't handle everything, they agree to put their squabbles aside to help one another.
  • Shaming the Mob: When Twilight gets back from her visit to Canterlot, she gives everypony a firm talking-to about letting a petty argument spiral out of control. Unfortunately, everyone is still full of lingering resentment, and instead of immediately making up everyone goes home mad, saying they should just call off this year's Ponyville Days festival.
  • Slobs Vs Snobs: The town becomes divided on whether they should honor Sweet Apple Acres or Stinkin' Rich's store as the first building in Ponyville, with Applejack leading the "Ponyville Started With a Seed" crowd and Rarity leading the "Ponyville Started With a Store" contingent.
  • Take a Third Option: How Twilight ultimately solves the issue of awarding the commemorative plaque - by giving one to Applejack (site of Ponyville's first residence) and Rarity (site of its first business).
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Diamond Tiara begrudgingly agrees to work together with the Cutie Mark Crusaders to put on a play reenacting the events leading to the founding of Ponyville so long as this is never brought up again.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: When Twilight sees the crowds of tourists coming for the Ponyville Days festival... just when it looks like there isn't going to be a Ponyville Days festival.
  • Whole Plot Reference: In #30, Twilight returns to the town only to see that it has descended into civil war, the same way Papa Smurf did in "King Smurf" (and its animated version.)
  • Written-In Absence: Twilight and Spike are off to Canterlot for royal business, and though Twilight has organized the Ponyville Days theme to be followed, it quickly goes downhill.


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