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Recap / My Little Pony Friends Forever Issue 24

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We'll make a proper griffin out of you yet!

Story by Georgia Ball, art by Jay Fosgitt

Rarity is surprised when Gilda shows up at her boutique and sheepishly asks for her help in designing the new team uniforms for Griffonstone's boffyball team, who have managed to make it into the playoffs. More than happy to help, Rarity returns with Gilda to Griffonstone and finds that the team struggles with coordination, particularly from a fumbling Firegem. Due to a lack of other griffons that have trained in the sport and that haven't come down with a flu that has been going around, Firegem tries to contribute despite Coach Klaus' reprimands for his poor performance. Rarity tries to take sympathy on him, but Gilda assures her he's okay.

The next day, as the game against the yaks is about to start, the griffons find they are down yet another player, and would forfeit without a substitute. Rarity offers to take the spot, having watched enough of the practice to get the gist of the sport. The game goes about as expected, with the griffons unable to score against the yaks. Firegem has been getting trounced by the yaks, and Coach Klaus flies off the ground in anger, resulting in his eviction from the game. Gilda, now the assistant coach, decides to change their strategy to put Firegem out of harm's way and try a risky play that assures they will score a point. Rarity manages to use her head, literally, to make the scoring play. The game ends shortly thereafter, with the yaks having won 53-1. Though the griffons knew they wouldn't win, scoring at least one point helps to encourage them for the next season, now with new uniforms supplied by Rarity.


Rarity returns back to her boutique, and surprises one of her customers with her newfound knowledge of the sport of boffyball.

Tropes appearing in this issue:

  • Continuity Nod:
    • Rarity's customer mentions that Saddle Arabia has a boffyball team.
    • Griffonstone is still rather run-down, and Gilda's scones stand is brought up though currently closed as she's on the boffyball team.
    • Prince Rutherford of the yaks appears and encourages the other yaks to go on a rampage when their win is not perfect against the griffon team.
  • Fictional Sport: Boffyball.
  • Killer Rabbit: One of the boffypuff creatures has a rather foul temper.
  • Off-Model: As usual with Jay Fosgitt's art, Carousel Boutique and Ponyville look very different than their cartoon counterparts, while the ponies walk on their hind legs and use fully human poses. Finally, characters like Greta and Grandpa Gruff look absolutely nothing like their cartoon selves, to the point that even Georgia Ball herself was visibly upset by Jay Fosgitt's interpretation of her script.
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  • Put Me In, Coach!: Subverted. Firegem loves the game but is aware he's rubbish, and is forced to play to make up the team. He eventually quits and becomes a mascot, which makes him much happier. Rarity is also a last minute addition, but despite her athleticism her lack of training prevents her from having any dramatic effect on the end result.
  • Reality Ensues: The inexperienced and poorly funded Griffon team gets thrashed by the Yaks, and Firegem (who's totally unsuitable) and Rarity (who doesn't even know the rules) prove consistently inept. Still, they scored a point!
  • Rugby Is Slaughter: Boffyball is basically rugby played with a living ball, and appears to be just as rough of a sport.
  • Rules Lawyer: Coach Klaus is ejected from the game, even though he is not playing, because he took off in flight while berating Firegem; boffyball rules specifically disallow the use of flying, to prevent griffons and other winged creatures having an advantage over the other species.
  • Save Our Team: Though they eventually settle for the slightly more realistic goal of not being totally humiliated.
  • Second Place Is for Winners: The Griffons score a point against the Yaks, humiliating the clear favorites to win the tournament. A fan later on describes them as one of the highlights of the event, even if they didn't get very far.
  • Tyop on the Cover: Georgia Ball's name is misspelled as "Bell" on all covers.

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