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Recap / Leverage S 04 E 07 The Grave Danger Job

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"Hardison. Hardison! You have to make it through this... Because... Because you're my friend, and I need you. Do you hear me, Alec? I need you!"

Before Ms. Newton's father passed away, he makes funeral arrangement in advance with Darlene Wickett, But Darlene took advantage of his illness and when Ms. Newton's father passed away, Darlene pretends that she never receives any money nor heard of the man. Darlene's sons even use violence at Mr. Newtwon, threatening them to give up on their money. With no money to pay a lawyer, they decides to seek the Leverage team's help to take down the Wickett family.


Soon the team set up an investigation on Darlene's business to know more of her grifting scam, which infuriates Sophie. After much investigation on their business, it turns out that not only that Darlene embezzled money from the dead, they even stole the deceased death certificate identities and sell it to Javier, whom they assume he's a broker selling those identities to the black market. Worse that the Wickett's could use those identities as their own if their covers blown. So the decides to con Darlene that they're doing the same business as she is.

Even though that their plan to make a deal to use 'clean identity names' works, what the team didn't know is that Javier was actually one of the Mexican drug cartel, who was angered of Darlene's price increase after making a deal with Nate. So as Darlene exchange Nate's clean names for $500,000, Javier and his goon crashes in, telling them that their negotiation's off and wants those names. Unfortunately, they manages to escape while Javier decides to use Nate and Hardison to retrieve the identities while taking Hardison hostage.


As Hardison wakes up after being knocked out unconscious, Hardison was in shock that he find himself buried alive in one of the Wickett's coffin. Javier instructs him using a phone near his body to tell his friend to deliver at the baseball diamond on the corner of Sycamore. Hardison, having claustrophobic, calls the team on what happened. Knowing that its a setup to kill both Nate and Hardison, the team decides to find Hardison before his oxygen runs out.

Using a police car and an ambulance (using a fake distress call), they manage to find Hardison at Stoneshire Cemetery while Parker tries to calm Hardison down. Upon arriving, Javier was at the area and a gun fight engages. While they manages to save Hardison in the nick of time, Javier manages to steal the envelope containing the identity list he has.


Soon, the team manages to give back all the money that the Wicketts sold from Ms. Newton with a bit of bonus to pay off their credit card fee. The team thanks Newton for giving them this job or else Darlene would harm more people and ensures her they've taken care of her. Before conning them, Parker has already taken pictures of all the dead certificates Darlene that she uses for her getaway. After that Sophie delivers those said pictures to the Office of State Coroner for Massachusetts as '‘Official Documents Death Certificates’. Sure enough, the Wicketts are arrested in Florida using 'Emily Jackson', who passed away 5 years ago in Massachusetts. As for Javier, since he stole Hardison's earbuds, little did he realize that it is also a tracking device. Using Hardison's tech, who's still pissed on their actions, he manages to track them in Mexico and take a picture of their vehicle plate number to Homeland Security, which Javier and his Mexican drug cartel are arrested just before they enter Texas.

In the end Hardison thanks Parker for keeping him calm; hinting a start of their relationship.

  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: For all Eliot's frequent complaining about and bickering with Hardison, he bolts to help get the casket open and promptly grabs him for an emphatic bearhug the moment he's out, proving how much he really cares.
  • Buried Alive: As leverage against the team to get them more fake IDs, the cartel buries Hardison. His teammates spend much of the episode desperately trying to find him before it's too late.
  • Cannot Spit It Out:
    • Parker tells Hardison to hold on because... he's her friend.
    • Later, when he's unburied, she just turns away, unable to say anything at all.
  • Description Cut: When talking to Parker, Sophie compares jumping off buildings to falling in love. Cut to Hardison.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Sophie calls Darlene's scam of stealing from dying people and their families the cruelest grift in the book and says that even she never crossed that line.
  • Hit You So Hard, Your X Will Feel It!: Eliot gripes that he's going to hit Hardison - whose information has caused Eliot to turn up dressed as an ex-con to a police funeral full of uniformed officers - "so hard your ancestors feel it."
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Humorously inverted at the abovementioned police funeral. After Eliot pulls out an impromptu excuse that he was undercover at a drug sting and didn't have time to change into uniform as an excuse for why he's at a cop funeral dressed like a thug, one of the officers steps forward and offers him a flask, clearly believing that this trope is in effect.
  • In Medias Res: A particularly suspenseful one, considering that the episode starts with Hardison discovering he's been buried alive, then immediately goes into How We Got Here.
  • Last-Name Basis: Averted. Usually, the characters call Hardison by that name, his last name. Parker, however, tells Alec to hold on.
  • Single Tear: Hardison, on discovering he's been buried alive.
  • True Companions: If the boys' hugging when Hardison is unburied doesn't get to you, nothing will.


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