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Recap / How I Met Your Mother S 1 E 22 Come On

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Ted tries to stop Robin from going on a trip with her co-anchor, Sandy. Marshall gets upset when he finds out about Lily's fellowship interview.


  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: Barney and Penelope.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Ted finally got together with Robin, but Lily leaves Marshall to go to San Francisco in order for her to follow her dreams.
  • Book-Ends: The pilot episode had Marshall showing Ted the engagement ring he will give to Lily and a taxi ride to Robin's apartment. This episode had a taxi ride from Robin's apartment and Marshall showing Ted Lily's disowned engagement ring.
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  • Grand Romantic Gesture: Ted made it rain for Robin. True story.
  • Gray Rain of Depression: Lily calls off her engagement to Marshall to follow her dreams. He sits in front of their building on the steps in the heavy rain, crying, and shows the ring to Ted with an immensely sad look.
  • Happy Rain: Ted is delighted that he made it rain and enjoys every single raindrop as he heads to Robin's.
  • Heaven Above: Ted's prayers to the universe to finally end with him screaming into the sky for it to rain, only for the universe to karmically answer with a storm that allows Ted to get the girl of his dreams.
  • Pursue the Dream Job: Lily decides to go to San Francisco for a summer art program to pursue a career as a serious artist.
  • Rain Dance: Ted initially does the original Indian rain dance (with the help of Barney's former sorta girlfriend) but it's not working. Finally he decides it's the idea that counts and does all sorts of crazy movements. Screaming "come on!" at the universe finally does it and it starts raining. Hard.
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  • Romantic Rain: Ted and Robin get together when it rains heavily and Ted is soaking wet.
  • Rule of Three: Ted yells "Come on!" three times, which makes it rain.
  • Season Finale: The very first one.
  • Sitting on the Roof: Ted performs his rain dance on the rooftop of their apartment building.
  • A Storm Is Coming: As said in the beginning of the episode.
  • Title Drop: When Ted makes it rain. Barney is... disbelieving.
  • Wham Shot: Marshall showing Ted his disowned engagement ring.


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