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Recap / Giant Monster Gamera

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WARNING: Contains nothing but spoilers

In the Arctic Circle, during the Cold War, a Soviet plane carrying an atomic bomb is shot down by US aircraft. The bomb explodes and releases an ancient terror that has been buried under the snow and ice for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years. No, it is not a shape-shifting alien, but instead the giant tusked turtle Gamera, also known as the Devil's Envoy, from the continent of Atlantis (yes, the whole Atlantis thing was used way before 1995) who destroys the Chidori Maru, a research boat and then disappears. Only three people from the ship survive. Later, in different parts of the world, a strange object is seen flying in the sky. No one knows what it is, but soon Gamera makes his appearance when he attacks a lighthouse in Japan. During his attack on the lighthouse, he saves a young boy, named Toshio Sakurai, from falling to his death. Toshio, who already has a fascination with turtles, proclaims Gamera to be a good turtle, despite the monster's later actions proving otherwise.


Soon, Gamera attacks a power plant. The military retaliates against Gamera but to no avail, as Gamera proves himself to be impervious to conventional weaponry. During his attack, Gamera begins eating (yes eating) the raging fire caused by the plant's destruction. The military retaliates with freezing bombs (yes, freezing weapons being used way before 1995) after forcing the terrapin onto his back. Believing the monster to be incapable of fighting back, even if he thaws out, the Military prepares to finish him off; however, Gamera soon reveals a unique ability that no other turtle has: he can fly. Retracting his head and limbs into his shell, Gamera then produces jets from those sockets and achieves flight, leaving the bewildered humans below staring in disbelief.

Soon, after more reports of Gamera being seen flying around the world, the monstrous terrapin attacks Haneda Airport. Moving on to attack the rest of Tokyo, Gamera causes untold amounts of damage, crushing buildings and trains, setting people on fire, knocking over the recently constructed Tokyo Tower with only his hands, and eventually eating the raging fires that he causes in Tokyo Bay. With Gamera proving himself invincible, and the world desperate to get rid of him, a plan is hatched that will get rid of Gamera, hopefully for good. With Americans, Soviets, and the rest of the United Nations working together, Plan Z is thrust into action. The monster is lured to Oshima island where he is trapped inside of a giant rocket that is then launched into space, heading for Mars.


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