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Recap / Digimon Adventure: (2020)

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  1. "Tokyo Digital Crisis"
  2. "War Game"
  3. "And To The Digital World"
  4. "Birdramon Flies"
  5. "The Holy Digimon"
  6. "The Targeted Kingdom"
  7. "That Boy is Joe Kido"
  8. "The Children's Siege"
  9. "The Ultimate Invasion"
  10. "The Super Evolution of Steel"
  11. "The Wolf Standing Atop the Desert"
  12. "Lilymon Blossoms"
  13. "The Crimson Wings Garudamon"
  14. "The Kings of the Insects Clash"
  15. "Zudomon's Iron Hammer of Lightning"
  16. "The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo"
  17. "The Battle in Tokyo Against Orochimon"
  18. "Countdown to Tokyo's Annihilation"
  19. "Howl! Fist of the Beast King"
  20. "The Seventh Child's Awakening"
  21. "The Counter Update (Armed Evolution)"
  22. "The Unyielding Blue Sagittarius"
  23. "Devimon, Messenger of Darkness"
  24. "The Final Stage, DoneDevimon"
  25. "Dive Into The Next Ocean"
  26. "Breakthrough! Sea Mammal Siege"
  27. "To a New Continent"
  28. "The Children's Fight for Survival"
  29. "Escape the Burning Jungle"
  30. "Ultimate Level, WarGreymon"
  31. "The New Darkness, Millenniumon"
  32. "Soaring Hope"
  33. "The Light After The Dark"
  34. "Hikari and Tailmon"
  35. "Glittering Angewomon"
  36. "Operation Satellite Sniper"
  37. "Mimi-chan Wars"
  38. "Burning Blue Friendship"
  39. "Jagamon's Potato Hell"
  40. "Strike! The Killer Shot!"
  41. "Monmon Park in the Mist"
  42. "King of Inventors, Garbamon"
  43. "Clash, The King of Digimon"
  44. "Hikari and the Moving Forest"
  45. "Launch, MetalGarurumon"
  46. "The Holy Sword of Hope"
  47. "Villains in the Wasteland"


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