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Recap / Corner Gas Animated S 4 E 1 Parachute The Messenger

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A Plot: Brent and Wanda help Lacey overcome her fears so she can go skydiving.

B Plot: Hank becomes the town messenger.

C Plot: Oscar and Emma go to war with Karen and Davis over a prime potato planting locale.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Brent starts the episode bemoaning how he's always Lacey's emotional support, only to be dismayed when Lacey wants Wanda to provide the motivational push to go skydiving. Brent then works hard to regain his supportive role, and regrets it when he sees the Shoddy airplane.
  • Brick Joke: At the start of the episode, Brent messes with Locked Out of the Loop Hank by asking if he's heard about some escaped circus tigers. Later, Karen sees "Get Tiger Repellant" after taking Hank's notebook to read Oscar's "talk-xts" with Emma. And even later, in The Tag, Brent thinks he hears a tiger after getting abandoned with his Parachute in a Tree.
  • The Cameo: Mark McKinney plays the role of Frank Shoddy, the man who has set up a skydiving business in the area.
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  • Dumped via Text Message: One of the "talk-xts" Hank delivers is one of these, though he accidentally delivers it to the wrong person at first.
  • Every Man Has His Price: Despite Karen and Davis finding an incriminating "selfie" that proves she stole back an impounded harvesting tool, Emma gets the cops off of her back by bribing Fitzy with a previous potato harvest.
  • Hollywood Skydiving: Despite all of the danger involved, including Brent being knocked out of the airplane while Wanda is trying to push a fearful Lacey out, everyone survives the skydiving experience.
  • The Illegible: After stealing Hank's notebook to see what Oscar and Emma have been "talk-xting" each other about, Karen and Davis think Hank encrypted the message before realizing he just has horrible handwriting.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: In the opening, after seeing the skydiving plane without knowing what it is, Hank asks the people in Corner Gas what he just saw. The answers he gets (and responds to) are "Corner Gas" (yes), "The door to Corner Gas" (yes), and "your life flashing before your eyes due to years of inaction fueled by self-doubt" (ouch).
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  • Literal-Minded: Lacey had tried skydiving in the past but was too scared to go through with it, so she asks Wanda to help give her the push she needs. Wanda is ecstatic, as she's always wanted to shove someone out of a plane, and has to convince Lacey to still let her do it when it's established she meant a motivational push.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Though he's not locked out of secrets, Hank being the last to learn about a new skydiving business in the area and a group text between his friends that excludes himself is what motivates him into becoming a messenger and get more "in" the loop.
  • Meaningful Name: "Shoddy Skydiving", which is owned by a Frank Shoddy...who Brent refers to as an alcoholic, and whose plane is in need of structural repairs.
  • Older Is Better: While cell phone service in the area is down, Hank compares his services to lower-tech phoning, with "talk-xts" written into a notepad instead of "texts", and using a polaroid camera to capture "selfies". However, his business only lasts until the Newer tech is back in service.
  • Parachute in a Tree: In The Tag, Brent's stuck in a tree after Wanda accidentally knocked him out of the skydiving plane.
  • The Scapegoat: In The Tag, both Lacey and Wanda are angry at Brent, the former for stealing her dream to skydive and the latter for denying her dream of shoving someone out of a plane. This is despite the fact that they pushed an unwilling Brent out of a plane (by accident, which is why Wanda's mad).
  • Stage Names: The topic that the group text was sharing before Dog River's texting services go down is what everyone's "rapper name" would be.
  • That Came Out Wrong: When Hank's trying to deliver a message to the daughter of Won Hu, the owner of the Foo Mart, from one of her friends, it takes Hank saying that he's "just a regular grown man between two teenage girls" before realizing how creepy it is.
  • Wrong Parachute Gag: Referenced when Wanda worries Brent was wearing her backpack instead of an actual parachute when he gets knocked out of the plane, but it quickly turns out he's fine.

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