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  • See Les Yay.
  • For a less sexual example, in "Power Grab" and "The Ultra Dudes," it's heavily implied that Cyclonis's Elite Mooks killed off an entire tribe just because they were in the way.
  • In one episode, we see a man whisper into one of the amazon women's ear. She responds with a disgusted look, and offscreen, you can easily hear her slap him.
  • "Atmos' Most Wanted" has a scene where Wren opens up a compartment on the lower part of his armor and rummages around inside it. Cut to the Storm Hawks looking away, as if to dispel any doubts about this being deliberate.
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  • Also from "Atmos' Most Wanted", this line from Finn after failing to dodge a laser blast that turns his ride into cheese (long story) while giving a very girly scream:
    Finn: (sniffs) Is that me, or is that the cheese?


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