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  • Descended Creator: Billy Rex is voiced by the creator of the show, Asaph Fipke.
  • Fake Brit: Harrier is voiced by Australian-born Canadian Scott McNeil, and Starling is voiced by Canadian Nicole Oliver.
  • Screwed by the Network: There was a nine-month wait between seasons 1 and 2.
  • Talking to Himself:
  • What Could Have Been: In the original concepts for this show, the Storm Hawks are a bunch of prison kids who escape into the Wastelands, where they meet Piper (named Oriole here). In addition to the war against Cyclonia, the plot involves their quest for the Helix, an artifact that held the world together in the past. The Helix is broken up into numerous crystal fragments around the world and it's the Storm Hawks' job to find them with help from the Guardian of the Helix, the White Hawk. (Who, incidentally, is the one who leads Oriole to the others in the first place.) Instead of Master Cyclonis, we have Master Anarchis, a fashionista who was formerly exiled to the Terra of Thorns by her brother, Heron, the rightful king of Cyclonia. Piper is a well-traveled, crossbow-wielding adventurer. Finn is younger and smaller (but still the main turrets guy), has a knack for telling tall tales, and fights with energy blades in hand-to-hand combat. Junko has a temper, although he tries to control it. Stork is an expert metal-smith and a loyal friend who is largely confined to the Condor due to a leg injury. Also, there are living storms — all of which have their own names and personalities — that were released when the Helix was dismantled, tearing up the crust and creating the terras, making the current Atmos a post-apocalypic world. Some of this can be found here, although other things like the Helix plot are no longer up.
    • There are several references to the original plot, with Piper calling a Helix Crystal "The most powerful Crystal in existence" and being afraid of Master Cyclonis taking it. Stork also mentioned the Terra of Thorns when he was naming the most dangerous places on Atmos.

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