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  • Perhaps this isn't the best thing to open a Headscratchers with, especially in a show that runs on Rule of Fun, but...why does the name "Finn" exist in a world without a Finland?
    • Because Season 3 would be where he discovered a whole new terra and named it... (wait for it)... Norway!
    • Also, his preproduction name was "Finch," if that means anything.
    • Or, y'know, Finn could refer to something else entirely in their world. Lingual coincidences happen like that in real life too.
    • As a personal name, it usually means something different in this world: it's an Irish name meaning 'fair' or 'blonde', which does fit Finn's appearance. Eh, maybe there's an Irish-speaking terra.
      • Or the "fin" on a fish/plane made Totally Radical. Given that we meet other individuals with aeronautical or sky-based nomenclatures, such as Aerrow or Piper, this seems more likely.

  • Why is Master Cyclonis showed to be Piper's age? She's ruling an evil empire and is a teenager? Doesn't that undermine her authority you know, ever? Plus, how long has she been ruling? If the dark Ace betrayed the orginal Storm Hawks when he was a teen, and he's an adult now, did she inherit the title? From who (Maybe the grandmother?)? Everyone always acts like she's the cyclonis who's been around forever, so it's weird to see her as a kid.
    • Master Cyclonis is directly descended from the previous Master Cyclonis. She was groomed for the roll and came to rule through line of succession. Her powers and knowledge likely allowed her to kill those who questioned her status, or cow them into submission. It's not that different from the child king situation seen in other cartoons.
    • Yeah, her grandmother was the ruler before her. "Origins" implies that her death and the current Cyclonis's rise to power were actually fairly recent. Also, Word of God said in an interview that there was an "unfortunate incident that happened to her father", which led to her taking the throne earlier than expected. So from this, we get that: a) if he were still around, he'd be ruling instead, and b) yes, it is unusual for her to be ruling at her age. While this does leave some questions open (what exactly happened to him? where's Cyclonis's mother?), those are topics better suited for the WMG page.
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    • One possible explanation though is that Cyclonis's father died when she was very little, and her Grandmother became sort of Queen Regent, so when she's seen in as a four year old, her parents are already gone, leaving her to be raised by her grandmother (hence the importance of her picture with her) who had the throne and waged war against Atmos.

  • This isn't really a huge headscratcher, I'm just wondering: how are the Storm Hawks funded? We've seen them paying for things like food, crystals and all sorts of other stuff, but where are they getting all their money from? The Terras they help don't really seem to give them much in the way of money, and yet, they never seem to be struggling financially. Again, it's not really a major headscratcher, especially for a show that runs off of Rule of Fun, I'm just wondering.
    • They were trying to sign up as official Sky Knights in the first episode. Maybe a paycheck comes through that? As for where THEY'D get money from, there's likely a tax or a constant fee for terras that want Sky Knight protection. (Though that leads to some fridge horror for the terras that can't afford it.)

  • Episode 35. The Storm Hawks find Radarr by tracking his transmission to the Cyclonian cruiser... then think he fell asleep inside the Condor's boiler hatch? HOW COULD HE HAVE SENT THE TRANSMISSION?

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