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Lightning Strike is Aerrow's late father.
Bam. Might as well start with the obvious.
  • One wonders why they even say "ancestor", and not "father", considering Lightning Strike died in what looks like his twenties when Aerrow was about four. Even more perplexing, when Aerrow finds out about the relationship, his only reaction is, "cool!" Wouldn't finding out one's long-lost father was a Storm Hawk elicit a more excited reaction? Then again, he did end up following his father ancestor's footsteps, so...
  • He could also have been a Disappeared Dad, considering Aerrow didn't know he was his father ancestor. Not only that, if LS was a celebrity, and the Storm Hawks had something like groupies...

Atmosians have a much larger lung capacity than most earth-dwelling humans.
Picking up oxygen in high altitudes and shouting to each other over loud engines made this trait much more favorable.

Atmos has lower gravity than Earth.
Leave aside all the issues regarding unlikely levitation and whatnot, most of the Atmosian's body types seem to trend toward lithe and lanky, but with proportionally large upper torsos. These resemble some scientific conjectures about what a humanoid species on a lower gravity planet may look like. Plus, y'know, all those crazy aerial stunts they pull would be helped by lower gravity. It would also explain the prevalence of aerial technology, as a lower-gravity world would have an easier time getting and keeping things in the air.

The Leapers are in fact members of Ridley's race, in their juvenile stage of development
This is mostly a joke, but they do look like a variant species of little Birdie. Possibly a group the emigrated to a different planet, and adapted different features.

Radarr is actually a child Blizzarian
Apart from tail length and the ability to talk, there is remarkable similarity between the Blizzarians and Radarr.
  • Alternatively, Radarr's species came from Terra Blizzaris.
  • Perhaps they're just distantly related, like monkeys and humans.

The conflict in which Lightning Strike was killed was over Terra Merbia.
Seeing how Stork was rendered homeless around the same time the Condor went down in flames, and it seems the ship was near enough for him to walk to without being killed on the Wasteland, it's entirely possible that Lightning Strike was leading a defense force to stop Cyclonia from destroying Merbia. Cyclonia won and destroyed the Terra because of the Dark Ace's betrayal - he slaughtered Lightning Strike and the other Storm Hawks in time for the Cyclonians to win. The Interceptors may also have been present, allowing for Starling's backstory.
  • Word of God puts Starling in her "early twenties". The war was 10 years ago. She would've been 14 at most, too young to be leading a squadron.

The cloning device from "Infinnity" is precursor technology
As in, the people who built the Forbidden City and the temple from "Shipwrecked" and had some kind of connection with the Far Side. A mysterious, powerful, ancient artifact like this seems right up their alley. Also, Snipe led an expedition to the Forbidden City just two episodes before going to pick up the device on Saharr — there may be a connection there.

Storm Hawks takes place a long time after the events of Dragon Flyz
Both settings have a Lethal Lava Land Death World as a surface, with any human habitation at high altitude. The inhabitants of both settings use power crystals to run their technology. Long-distance travel is accomplished primarily by huge airships. Maybe Aaron finally found that paradise he was looking for.

Aerrow has a dead sibling or siblings.
Note how many people in the episode "Origins" say he is the 'last', not the 'only' descendant of Lightning Strike. Last implies that are/were others before something.

Cyclonis's Father died before Dark Ace defected to Cyclonia.
We know Master Cylclonis's father met with an incident that left Cyclonis in charge. The most likely reason why we see her Grandmother and not her father in charge when Dark Ace betrays the Storm Hawks is that Cyclonis's parents died before she was four years old and her Grandmother became a queen regent and raised her while waging war on Atmos, with the Dark Ace defecting later.

Finn was trained as an assassin in his childhood.
Finn is one of the best shots in Atmos, better than regular fully trained Skyknight squadron members. This would require very specialized training (unlike Aerrow's more improvised and unpredictable fighting style, or Piper's widely practiced Sky-fu). Just replace the title "sharpshooter" with "sniper".
  • This would fit his personality, since it is common for childhood trained soldiers (especially long range snipers) who escape war in real life to exhibit outwardy shallow and pretentious personalities to keep people at some distance emotionally.
    • Actually this would also tie in to him possibly more skilled than he shows. The best example is during "Energy Crisis" where thus far none of them have been able to even phase Dark Ace in the S.U.V, yet when Dark Ace almost shoots Aerrow point blank he downs him quickly with a ruthless barrage and actually seems angry. Then while he is getting ready for the next shot Piper cheers him on, he glances over to her for a second and instantly acts stupid again, realizing what he is doing.
      • Also he knocked down a Nightcrawler in "Royal Twist" in hand-to-hand (who have been shown to be elites so far), as well as knocking out pirates bare-handed in "Terra Deep".

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