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A character that is equipped with such weapon can annihilate vast amounts of brain cells, which can amount to an intense moe~ness that is so destructive that one can overcome one's AT field in less than 0.03 seconds.

"Thigh-high socks are my absolute territory
Go on and drool; the Otaku cannot resist"
Philistine, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle soundtrack

"Doll I need to see you pull
your knee socks up, let me feel you"
— "Butterfly", Jason Mraz

What did you just say!? Are you stupid? This is for a school uniform! I'm talking about a mini-skirt! The knee-length socks which show our shiny knees, or thigh highs that highlight the area between the edge of our skirt and our thighs! If you don't have a hard time choosing between these socks, you don't know anything about school uniforms.
C.C. to Lelouch, "Choose for Yourself by Hina Kido (from Code Geass Knight anthology vol.2)

Leg warmers + skirts = awesome.
TV Tropes, when describing The '80s under Popularity Polynomial

A red miniskirt was held up with a yellow belt, and soon yielded to a pair of lithe legs that, from Shinji's perspective, seemed to go on forever. A pair of scarlet boots completed the ensemble.


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