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You know what? I don't even think Rob Reiner was paying attention! I think he just wanted to go on vacation and somehow get paid for it! So he made a cheap-ass movie shouting "Cut!" every couple of minutes while he sat around swinging on a hammock!
The Nostalgia Critic in his review of North

And then I went to India to shoot an absolutely ghastly pile of tosh, but we were in Jaipur for seven weeks; I'd never been to India and I found it the most astonishingly beautiful, wonderful and nourishing country I'd ever been to in my life. Thank you very much: where next?
Jonathan Hyde on The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

Acting has been very good to me. It has allowed me to play golf all over the world.

I mean, I’ve never been [to Hawaii] before! I just thought that I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii, so I want to do Comiket once I’m there! …But to be honest, if Hawaii becomes the setting for the story, I had this hidden desire in my heart that Aniplex would provide the research and travel expenses!

Won an Oscar, built a house, and had a great holiday. Not bad for a flop movie.


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