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Quotes / The Omniscient

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"I am so omniscient, if there were to be two omnisciences, I would be both!"

Amenadiel: I am told that you will name your price.
Lucifer: That I may name my price or that I will name it?
Amenadiel: Will.
Lucifer: You'd think part of being omniscient would be knowing when to stop.

Neo: So she knows, what? Everything?
Morpheus: She would say she knows enough.
The Matrix, on the Oracle

Susan: You know who I am?
Death: I have a unique memory.
Susan: But I haven't even been CONCEIVED yet.
Death: I did say unique.

"No one's watching Delilah now, except you. And me, of course. I see everything. I see forever."
The Outsider, Dishonored

'Kweng: Breacher beacon detected. Shall I let it transmit?
Admiral Emm: Fine.
'Kweng: It's simple text: "Admiral Emm. The Fleetmind will not interfere in this dispute, but we are watching."
Admiral Emm: Let them watch. We'll finish this in one of the bays.
'Kweng: Oh, hey...there's more text now: "We can watch there, too."

Question: You have said that J-star and Jagganoth know more of the true nature of world. Since Jadis is the Bearer of The Shape, does she know as much or more than them?
Answer: Jadis knows the most, in fact. Of anyone. Ever.
Kill Six Billion Demons, questions to the author

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