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"Weighing in at 39 kilograms, the Widow Anti-Material Rifle is primarily used by sniper teams in assault missions against armored vehicles or krogan."
— description of the M-98 Widow sniper rifle, Mass Effect 2

Cdr. Shepard: The Normandy was destroyed. I ended up spaced.
Urdnot Wrex: Well, you look good. Ah, the benefits of a redundant nervous system, eh?
Shepard: Yeah, humans don't have those.
Wrex: Oh. That must have been very painful for you, then.

This brute may become a vegetarian now! Trying to chomp down on my invulnerable body would ruin the appetite of any meat-eater!
"I am not built as weakly as you are."

"And, to answer your question, there are two reasons why I'm looking at you like this. One because it seems in a few minutes you will officially be the only survivor of this train wreck, and two, because you didn't break one bone, you don't have a scratch on you."
ER Doctor to David Dunn, Unbreakable

She sped towards him again, ducking under the twin eye-blasts that came from him, and rocked his world with an uppercut that would have taken off the top of a mountain. To his credit, Darkseid was tough enough to take it, but went off his pins again.

He looked down at himself. He was mostly intact, although everything he'd been wearing was gone. A tear slid down his cheek, caught some momentum and slid off into space, gently arcing towards the ground. Water on the Moon. The realization hit him. The blast from the N2 missiles must have blown him into space. The death throes of the Angel had hurled him all the way into lunar orbit. The warm light of the sun pricked his skin. It must have been hundreds of degrees around him, but he ignored it.
Shinji Ikari, Last Child of Krypton

"I cannot be marked or damaged in any way. It is impossible to cut or remove even a single hair from my head."


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