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A curse needs to feed.

The Silver Coin is a 2021 horror anthology published by Image Comics. Each issue is illustrated by Michael Walsh and written by a different writer: Chip Zdarsky, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, and Jeff Lemire. Each issue is a self-contained story, with the connected thread being a cursed silver coin.

The first issue, "The Ticket," written by Chip Zdarsky, takes place in 1978 and is about the rock band Running Red and their lead singer Ryan. The band has been playing at the Dirty Eagle bar for years with little to show for it and now they are being pushed aside for the latest trend in music: disco. But in a box of things that Ryan's mother left behind, he finds a silver coin and when he uses the coin as a guitar pick, something magical happens: the music is better. With the silver coin, Ryan realizes he can make their careers and lives better. But the coin might have other plans.


The second issue, "Girls of Summer," written by Kelly Thompson, takes place in 1993 and is about a misfit teen bullied by mean girls at a summer camp. When she encounters the Silver Coin, she decides to reclaim her power.

General tropes in The Silver Coin:

    Tropes in "The Ticket": 
  • The '70s: The issue takes place in 1978.
  • Blood Magic: Ryan doesn't just play the guitar with the coin — he bleeds on it first, which is how it wakes up. Before, it looked like a normal coin, but after being bled on, it looks as if it has an eye in the center of it.
  • Fingore: As Ryan plays for a crowd of people with the Disco Hits, he realizes he can't stop playing as the cut on his pointer finger is opened and almost rips his finger apart.
  • Made of Incendium: As soon as Ryan starts playing to the huge disco crowd, the bartender Danny drops his cigarette which sets the curtain on fire. The fire quickly spreads to the band and the crowd, but they keep playing and dancing, even as they burn to death.
  • Magic Music: Playing his guitar with the Coin makes the music sound better. They don't understand it, but it works. And then Ryan plays it for a huge crowd and they all start dancing and he realizes he can't stop playing and they can't stop dancing...even as a fire consumes the building.
  • Man on Fire: Even as he's consumed by the fire, Ryan keeps playing the guitar.
  • Painting the Medium: When Ryan starts playing to the disco crowd, the letters inside the text boxes (which are Ryan's thoughts) become jagged.

    Tropes in "Girls of Summer": 
  • The '90s: This issue takes place in 1993.
  • Homage: It seems to be an homage to slasher films of the '80s and '90s.
  • Teens Are Monsters: The main character is being bullied by a group of mean girls. In return, she decides to get revenge.


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