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Rizzo: Oh, this is too scary. I don't think I wanna see any more!
Gonzo: When you're right, you're right. [turning to face the audience] You're on your own, folks. We'll meet you at the finale!
— A lampshaded example of this in The Muppet Christmas Carol

"As I speak, my men are slowly combing the planet. They will sweep through every bombshell town, every flash-flamed city-state - and they will do so until they have found you all. Surrender to the Great Purge, the Global Shutdown - this is our time. You silly "Cybertronians", with your silly names, your silly badges - what have you done to this world?"
Xenon, Eugenesis

"This is the kind of adventure where I fire my guns at them and they fire their guns at me and the one who fires their guns the most number of times wins. It's just a lot of shooting and shouting and you don't fit in here. Most of the time you are the most wonderful, inventive, clever person I've ever met and you have quite definitely the finest brain in the galaxy, but here?

Here you're just an odd little man saying odd little things and you're just getting in the way. Find a nice little planet where everyone's nice."
Bernice Summerfield to the Doctor, The Revolution

"Resurrection of the Daleks" opens with the sight of police officers holding semi-automatics and gunning down extras in silly outfits. If wanted an image to support the assertion that Eric Saward thought that Doctor Who needed a bit more cynicism, you won’t top the introductory scene. You could interpret the sequence as a clear attempt to 'finish off' the goofier elements of Doctor Who, including those unconvincingly-attired future space people. Bringing them all out into an alley way and having them executed by a psychotic anti-hero carrying a semi-automatic is a pretty bold statement.

"As hard as the ‘90s may have been on Spider-Man, the decade was even harder on his on his villains. The classic ‘60s stable were edged aside by violent newcomers like Venom and Carnage, prompting the editorial team on the Spider-Books to screw around with virtually all of the originals. The Scorpion was briefly replaced by an angry chick, Vulture was stuck in a lameass 'young guy' mode, Mysterio’s head got set on fire… and we got a new Doctor Octopus, just a little over a year after the positively shitty death of the original Otto Octavius."

"No, really, this is our LAST battle! Trust me!"

"They even throw [Ed] in the corner for the ending because it's too serious for her shenanigargles!"

"Oh, Che. Best bud. You even tried to get into a fight with Ricky Pagan. But he said he would only do battle in a Dance Off. Weird night. Barely a goodbye. Never saw you again. Things got serious after you left, Che."
The Black Signal, The Secret World

"I told you! Funny guy goes fiiiiirrrrst!"
Beast Boy in Teen Titans S 2 E 5 Fear Itself as he was the first to be attacked by a horror monster invading the Titans' tower.


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