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Quotes / Redundant Rescue

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Rocket: Attention, idiots. The lunatic on top of this craft is holding a Hadron(!!!) Enforcer. It's a weapon of my own design.note 
Yondu: What the hell?
Rocket: If you don't hand over our companions now, he's gonna tear your ship a new one. A very big new one!
Yondu: I ain't buyin' it.
Rocket: I'm giving you to the count of five. 5, 4, 3...
Quill: No! Wait, hold on! Rocket, it's me, for God sakes! We figured it out! We're fine!
Rocket: [long beat, then nonchalant] Oh, hey, Quill. What's going on?

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the Captain. What kept you?"
Akima, Titan A.E.

Eddie: Anna! We're supposed to be saving you!
Anna: I'm sorry. I got bored, so I saved myself.

Christy: I HATE THESE THINGS! [smashes several foes with a golf club before speaking to Alan] You rescued me!
Alan: ...yeah I guess I did...

Wedge: [as Sabine opens their cell door] Sabine! Uh, we were coming to rescue you!
Sabine: That's cute.

"I presumed you needed help. I can see that I am in error."
Spock, ''Star Trek: The Original Series, "A Taste of Armageddon"

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