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"My name is Alex Mercer. I'm the reason for all of this. They call me a killer, a monster, a terrorist. I'm all of these things. Three weeks ago someone released a virus in Penn Station. I woke up in a morgue. Now I hunt. I kill. I consume. I become. I'm going to find who did this to me. And I'm gonna make them pay."
Alex Mercer, opening narration

"Mercer isn't a he. It's an it!"
General Peter Randall

"I looked for the truth. Found it, didn't like it. Wish to hell I could forget it. Alex Mercer. This city suffered for his mistakes, for what he did at Penn Station. And whoever he was - that's a part of me. Cause when I close my eyes, I see the memories of a thousand dead men, screaming as I take their lives. Moments I'll relive forever. What have I become? Something less than human. But also something more."
Alex Mercer, ending narration

"This is a video of Zeus entering a secure room using a PIN number after consuming a target, but that number was just set at 10 o'clock this morning, and was known only by three people one of which was the target that Zeus ate! This means that he can learn all of our tricks as he goes. Names, birthdays, voices, passwords, nothing is safe. In other words, sir, this is a security fucking nightmare."
Unnamed Blackwatch soldier, realizing how screwed they are.

"When we hunt, we kill! No one is safe! Nothing is sacred! We are Blackwatch! We are the last line of defense! We will burn our own to hold the red line, it is the last line to ever hold!"
Blackwatch's Badass Creed.


The thing I like about [PROTOTYPE] is that right off the bat, it says "You wanna be a good guy? No, fuck you. You eat people. Your entire skill set is based around your eating people. You can't eat people and still be anything resembling a good person. Now go eat people." Only not in so many words.

It's a refreshingly cathartic sort of game to play. You wanna take a tank and rampage through Manhattan without any sort of punishment for it? Sure, go ahead, here's the keys. You wanna jack a helicopter and kill everything in sight? We've thrown in a bunch of extra missiles, just for you. You wanna go mano-a-mano with the army instead? Well, how you wanna do it? You prefer fisticuffs, claws, giant hammerfists, razor-whip-fist, throwing lots of heavy shit, or blades?

You can jack a helicopter, blow up the seven or so other helicopters that come after you, blow up a bunch of tanks, blow up a couple buildings, fly as high as the game will let you, bail out, glide for a little bit, and then go into a mach speed dive that will kill everything within a hundred feet of you when you land. It's that sort of game.
The One Known As Me on the TV Tropes Fora

In Prototype, you can do a karate kick on a helicopter. WHAT THE FUCK ELSE DO YOU WANT?

Eat an old man, take his appearance, climb up the tallest building, then elbow drop 200 stories down onto his confused wife. Then sneak up on two soldiers and eat one without his friend noticing. And when you two get back to base, accuse your friend of being you in disguise, and when all the other soldiers are distracted shooting him, eat them too! If only Jeffrey Dahmer had this game to blow off steam with, then a lot of Milwuakee gay boys would be walking around uncannibalized today.


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