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Tear Jerker / [PROTOTYPE]

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  • Dana's fate. Throughout the game, it's shown that despite his faults, Alex does genuinely care for his sister. On the other hand, her life has been turned upside-down; Blackwatch tried to drag her off for interrogation, she's helping Alex get to the Awful Truth and finding out some pretty nasty secrets. Then, she finds out her brother has been eating people alive, rightly, she's terrified of him. When he returns later, she forgives him, but still seems terrified. Then she is kidnapped by a Leader Hunter and rendered comatose by whatever Greene did to her. And it's revealed that Alex never cared about her; she was just a pawn in his plans. The player character is a viral doppelganger of her brother; even though he does care about her, he's still a man-eating abomination. And she might be infected...
    • The clearest moment this all comes across is when Alex comes in, staggering from the parasite, Dana starts pulling up information to help him - and Alex says something he couldn't possibly know. When she demands clarification, he makes an increasingly creepy rambling speech about how he needs to kill, needs these minds inside him, how right it feels...all while Dana is backing away from him, looking more and more terrified. Finally he realizes how scared she is (when he has her backed up against her desk), eases off, looks genuinely contrite and reaches out to stroke her cheek. She won't let him. He leaves. As bad as Alex is, he loves his sister...but he's not human enough to help her.


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