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Quotes / Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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  • Dastan revealing Nizam's treachery after he unknowingly hits the Reset Button.
    Dastan: Brave soldiers of Persia, we have been deceived into attacking this holy city! Alamut has no weapon forges!
    Tus: Dastan! Have you gone mad?
    Dastan: I cannot stand silent in the face of treachery. This war was set up by one trusted above all over us; our uncle Nizam!
    Nizam: Dastan has fought hard today! Perhaps too hard. What he needs now is to get out from under this burning sun to rest. Gather his wits!
    (Persian soldiers laugh)
    Dastan: The weapons we found are forgeries! There are no weapons here, uncle, and you know it! And the spy who supposedly intercepted them was hired by you to persuade all of us to invade Alamut!
    Nizam: What is this, Dastan? Victor's remorse? You yourself lead the attack. Brought us this great triumph!
    (Persian soldiers cheer)
    Dastan: I should never have let the attack happen. (Persian soldiers fall silent.) I knew in my heart that it was wrong. (turns to Nizam) It will never be you. You will never be king. You don't have the heart. You will die in the shadow of a great man.
    (Nizam grabs the hilt of his sword in anger but composed himself.)
    Garsiv: Get him down from there before he makes an even bigger fool of himself!
    Dastan: Tus! Before we left Nasaf, Father told you this. "A true king considers the advice of counsel but he always listens to his own heart."
    Tus: Father and I were alone. How could you know that?
    Dastan: He's right. He knows us. He knows what we're capable of. Just listen to your heart.
    Nizam: He defies your order, lead the attack and now wants to turn back. Tus. Take action here!
    (Tus looks back and forth from Nizam to Dastan and vice versa. Beat. Then...)
    Tus: The spy knows the truth! Find the spy! Bring him to me! We'll wring it from him!
    (Tus, Garsiv, and the others leave in search of the spy, with Dastan following. Nizam, in complete shock of his plans ruined before he even got started, pulls out his sword and attacks Dastan but pulls back allowing his minions to attack him. Dastan fights them and easily dispatches them. Nizam comes in to furiously attack Dastan, enraged at being foiled. Nizam disarms Dastan but the latter grabs his wrists and throws over a stair railway and lands below before him. Dastan pushes his hand into Nizam's chest.)
    Dastan: You've had what every man could ever dreamed. Love, respect, and family! But that wasn't enough for you, was it?
    (Dastan lets him go and leaves him there. Nizam pulls out a dagger to kill Dastan from behind, but Tus comes to the rescue and kills Nizam with his sword. Nizam falls dead. Tus, Dastan, and Garsiv embrace each other amid the cheering Persian soldiers.)

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