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Quotes / Prince Roger

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"You're supposed to be telling me you'll love me and marry me to get me to bed - not telling me that to get you into bed I have to marry you. That's my line"
Nimashet Despreaux on Prince Roger's response to her advances.

"You're not supposed to die for your God, soldier, you're here to make sure the other poor sod dies for his."
Roger possibly quoting his distant ancestress Miranda I.

"-This does seem to be an episode of Warrior Amazons of Marduk"
Roger registering that he is almost completely surrounded by female guards and advisors.

Pahner: "I almost wish (Roger) was still considered incompetent. Maybe then I'd have sent a decent sized force to look after him."
Roger (fighting for his life): "You know, I could wish Pahner didn't have so much confidence in me!"

"The kazoos, the kazoos of the North."
Roger on the less than impressive 'horns' of the Vashin cavalry.

"His technique is awful. Your wrist is perfect, darling."
Cord critiquing Pedi vs Sor Teb - and giving himself away.

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