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YMMV / Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

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The game provides examples of:

  • Complete Monster: The Vizier, from the Sands of Time series, is the terminally ill advisor of the Maharajah, and is willing to betray everyone to obtain immortality and godhood. In flashbacks, he abducts the wife of Daeva prince Saurva to compel the latter to steal the Box of One Thousand Restraints from the Persians, knowingly causing the war between Persians and Daevas, then murders the hostage anyway and seals Saurva and his army inside the box. He subsequently curses Saurva's sister with madness upon her refusal to marry him. Years later, he betrays the Maharajah by allowing the Persian army to take the city. The Vizier later tricks the Prince into causing the Sands of Time to turn the population of Azad into sand monsters. When the Prince rewinds time to warn Farah, the Vizier plots to kill them both and frame the Prince for the murder of Farah. After his death has been undone, the Vizier, leading an army, murders the Maharajah before he sacks Babylon and has King Sharaman killed. He then kills Kaileena, the Empress of Time, causing the Sands of Time to reappear and turn the Vizier's army into monsters. Ruling Babylon as the renamed God of Time, Zurvan, he allows his generals to commit atrocities on the civilians such as taking them to the arena while he personally kills the resistance and finally abducts Farah to transform her into his immortal queen.
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  • Demonic Spiders: The blue spear enemies that are immune to vault attacks (unless you vault off of a wall instead of them), and the sword enemies that are immune to vault attacks and have a sweeping attack that goes underneath the Prince's guard to damage him anyway. Both of these enemies are also the only ones besides the two bosses capable of countering the Prince's attacks.
  • Game-Breaker: Except for the aforementioned enemies that are immune to it (knocking the Prince down when he attempt it,) vault attacks are very overpowered, often knocking down enemies in only two hits. And even with the two immune enemies, if you're next to a wall, you can pull it off anyway by rebounding off of the wall instead of the enemy. This will instantly knock them down, leaving them open for the finisher. The sequels nerfed it.
    • Even more of A Game Breaker is the fact that by changing one button that same vault move can instantly kill an enemy and collect it's sand without having to knock it down.
  • Goddamned Bats: Of the ledge kind. The game has swarms of bats that tend to show up when you're perched on a ledge hundreds of feet above ground. A couple of unlucky hits will have you falling. There are also vultures that attack you while you're climbing ledges, and at some points they literally hang around in the area and do not attack unless you start climbing or balancing on a precarious ledge.

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  • Porting Disaster: The Windows version is reasonably well optimised and doesn't lack any features, but it is notoriously glitchy and crash-prone, in addition to being a pain in the ass to run. The infamously ill-fated run of the game at SGDQ 2015 highlights just how buggy it is.
  • That One Boss: The Sand King is one of the game's only two bosses and quite a few players would argue he is in fact the hardest one to beat, especially considering that you need to face him relatively early in the game.


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