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Luffy: "I thought you died after you sacrificed yourself to save us!"
Bon Clay: "Nonsense, Queers never die."

"In all the films, the transvestites hang themselves twenty minutes in. No, let’s have all the alternative sexuality people who are existing at the end of the film and all the straight people are dead—we’re in there with the feral dogs."

new trope: lesbians that live through literally anything, to the point of hilarity. lesbian brings a knife to a gun fight, wins.

lets make a new trope: gay characters who are actually seemingly impossible to kill to the point that all of their enemies are comically frustrated. functionally immortal gay characters. being gay making you immortal. unkillable gay trope.

Arizona: I survived a plane crash. Big deal.
Steph: And a car crash. And a shooting. You might be immortal.

"Gay people don't need any more screen martyrs."
Howard Rosenman

every other show: bury your gays! you got gays? gotta bury 'em, gays can't be happy!
black sails: unbury your gays! bitch you thought we killed him, but he's alive! Here, take this super gay finale while you're at it, too, make ALL THE GAYS happy! Oh wait what's this?? One more gay for the road, guys, you've earned it
— A tumblr user explaining the premise of Black Sails

Wynonna Earp
  • lesbian character’s car gets attacked by a serial killer; she survives
  • lesbian character gets shot in front of girlfriend but is saved by the bulletproof vest she’s wearing; she survives
  • lesbian character gets bitten venemously, literally every other character on the show drops what they were doing to find an antidote, often at personal cost/pain; she survives
  • lesbian character detonates a barn full of explosives while standing inside it with her girlfriend and another gay character in an alternate dimension; all three of them survive and save the day while pretty much every straight character died along the way

"It tells the story of a down-on-their-luck LGBT protagonist who has an aim in life. But in order to achieve that aim, they must overcome a series of increasingly difficult obstacles. On overcoming these obstacles, they not only achieve their initial goal, but also become a richer, wiser and happier person in the process. But then … wait for it … in a wild and crazy twist that the audience never sees coming … they don't die."


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